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Animal Lover,
Nature Lover,
Mythology Buff,
Paranormal Enthusiast,
Art Enthusiast,
"Avid Shoe-Wearer."
Yeah. -> http://youtu.be/hGjaaQAvSTA

I'm that odd little geek who likes to spend a lot of time in the woods and/or reading Paranormal books. The one with the tilted glasses and the messy hair. Who seems to be sitting with a faceless man in a black suit....

I am an artist and crafter working only in my home on an unbelievably practically-nothing budget. But despite my lack of materials, I always manage to find something I can make into something else. I just tend to have this need to create. The things I make are usually unusual. I always like to add my own flare to them and/or make them based around a strange or "Spooky" subject.

Videos of my projects will (eventually) be uploaded here -----> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkftzkh3dk0OhjkkjzoALnw

“The idea is to take it a step forward and innovate. Or else why am I doing it?
I don’t want to be just another can in the assembly line.
I want to create – do something that is totally different and unusual.”
– Michael Jackson.

( "Spookachtige" is the Dutch word for 'Ghostly'. )

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Rainbow Wyvern
Rainbow Wyvern · Erie, Pennsylvania, US
ATTENTION EVERYONE = SPOOKACHTIGE IS NO LONGER MY HANDLE. Due to issues I seem to be having logging in and out, and also a change in title and logo, I created a new one. I keep attempting to change things on Spookachtige to at least lead to my new account, but I seem to once again not be able to log into it at all. ANY NEW PROJECTS CREATIONS OR TUTORIALS WILL NOW BE ADDED TO THIS NAME THAT I AM COMMENTING WITH. GO THERE TO SEE THEM. Thank you and have a wonderful day. ^_^ ( I know what you might be thinking, this could be anyone. But it is NOT a fake, I am the person who created the projects seen here with her own low-budgeted hands. =P )
Kin Dragon
Kin Dragon · Denton, Texas, US · 745 projects
If you want I can tell you some of the legends I have so far. And I could send you there pages
Mistress Nora of Madness
Mistress Nora of Madness · Potterville, Michigan, US · 33 projects
Thanks for following me Also. ;)
buttercup303 · Moodbidri, Karnataka, IN · 94 projects
thank you so much for the fav on my tortoise box Happy
Hdoddles · 46 projects
Thanks for the fave on my tardis charm xx Happy Craftings ! xx
Jackkie · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 51 projects
Thanks for the fave on my Deadly Bow Hairclips <3