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I dream of dragons
I absolutely love How to train your dragon and Toothless.
I had this idea in my head for a while so I finally sat down and just made it.
Not difficult to make at all ^.^

Posted by choco s. from Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand • Published See choco s.'s 19 projects »

  • How to make a sleeping mask. Toothless Sleeping Mask - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make your pattern on a piece of paper. I folded a piece of paper in half and made an elongated semicircle then added the ears, the horns and the side horns. Cut out the pattern and unfold it - You can match it to your face to make sure you made it wide enough.The sides of the face (excluding side horns) should just reach your temples/ears...
    ** Make the parts that stick out are a little bigger/wider than you think , and the gaps between the ears/horns etc are also enough- (when you sew the material together you need to be able to turn everything inside out if you don't make the horns etc wide enough it is hard to get the material through a small gap)

  • How to make a sleeping mask. Toothless Sleeping Mask - Step 2
    Step 2

    Pin your pattern on top of 2 pieces of black felt (or if your felt is big enough fold it in half and chalk the pattern onto it). Cut out it out.
    Sew around the felt edge. leave a gap (I made it so I could still fit most of my hand inside (for when you sew on the eyes later- if you sew on before sewing the mask together this makes it harder to place they eyes so that they will look right -just my thoughts...)

  • How to make a sleeping mask. Toothless Sleeping Mask - Step 3
    Step 3

    **Here's a picture of material cut out and pinned ready to sew.

    Turn it rightside out

  • How to make a sleeping mask. Toothless Sleeping Mask - Step 4
    Step 4

    I cut circles from paper and placed them on the mask for placement of eyes.
    Just play with the size/shape of the eyes and placement until it suits the right proportion of your mask (I played around alot until it looked right to me)

    *I did this step before sewing together but I ended up redoing my eyes once I turned the mask rightside out it didn't match the proportions. so that's why my photo looks like a step behind sorry.^.^;

  • Step 5

    Stuff JUST the ears, horns and side horns with fiberfill. Stuff it till it can't fit anymore and just a little around the sides. that is sufficient.
    **lesson learned from (snorlax sleeping mask) I stuffed it too much and so there's pressure on the eyes when I'm wearing it. I stuffed it more than I should have.

  • How to make a sleeping mask. Toothless Sleeping Mask - Step 6
    Step 6

    Use the circles you used earlier to cut out eyes from green felt. Pin them once you decide exactly how you want them.
    Sew on the eyes with green thread. Glue or sew on the black pupils and white dot.
    Now Close up the gap on the mask.

    Attach elastic band. You can attach 2 bands with velcro so you can adjust it. Or you can sew on one big elastic band just about the side horns.

    Hope you like my sleeping mask, and dream of dragons :)



Rebecca C.
Rebecca C. · Los Angeles, California, US
Toothless is also my fave dragon. This mask was just waaaaayyyy too cute not to comment on! Your tutorial was also adorable.
KozmicBlues · Les Planes d'Hostoles, Catalunya, ES · 53 projects
I've found your Toothless tutorial and I had curiosity about the film. Yesterday night I saw the film... and today,... I think I'm gonna make this sleeping mask! I really love the film, and Toothless is the best! Thanks for sharing! Happy
choco s.
choco s. · Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ · 21 projects
So glad to have introduced you to How to train your dragon and Toothless Happy
The movie is one of my absolute favourites and happy to hear you became a fan!
look forward to seeing your version and thank you for your comment
The Woman
The Woman · Cushing, Oklahoma, US · 13 projects
I too love all things Toothless and therefore NEED this. *runs around room looking for materials*
choco s.
choco s. · Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ · 21 projects
awesome. Goodluck! Share your version when you are doneHappy

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