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He's a sub-atomic sta-aaar who's gonna go fa-aaar!
I don't know if anyone is going to remember this little guy, but his name is Quark. he was a villain in one of the shorts of Super Secret Secret Squirrel (As in Hanna Barbera's toon Secret Squirrel) which appeared in the middle of episodes of the 90's cartoon show 2 Stupid Dogs.

He wants to be a singin' and dancin' star. Able to deconstruct the atoms of an object or fly into someone's ear and control them, He was a funny little guy who you really really don't want to underestimate.

I had this idea before, but randomly and finally decided to make this little fella last night in a fit of nostalgia after seeing that episode and loving it all over again. Getting his right size was difficult as I wanted him to be as tiny as possible, so it took some trial and error.

I'm glad I made him, he's fun. =P

The time listed is just a guess and doesn't include the trial-and-error time.

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Rainbow Wyvern
Rainbow Wyvern · Erie, Pennsylvania, US
Due to issues I seem to be having logging in and out, and also a change in title and logo, I created a new one. I keep attempting to change things on Spookachtige to at least lead to my new account, but I seem to once again not be able to log into it at all. ANY NEW PROJECTS CREATIONS OR TUTORIALS WILL NOW BE ADDED TO THIS NAME THAT I AM COMMENTING WITH, RAINBOW WYVERN. GO THERE TO SEE THEM. Thank you and have a wonderful day. ^_^
( I know what you might be thinking, this could be anyone. But it is NOT a fake, I am the person who created this project with her own low-budgeted hands. =P )

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