18 Lucky crafts & recipes to make for St Patrick's Day

Complete the set this St Patrick's Day, and we'll guarantee luck, leprechauns and some hazy memories of the big night!


You know that regular-sized shamrock really won't cut it on the big day, so go large with a Giant Shamrock!


Starting to panic about learning the lines to your favorite limericks? Cool off those sweats with this amazing drink!


In the time that it'd take you to sift through all the three-leaved clovers in the back yard, why not crochet this smiley and cute 4-leaf one? Much better!


Keep those clovers flowing with some Guiness and Baileys cupcakes!


You're not going to be seen in public with blank nails are you? Show them you're taking things seriously with Pressed Flower Nail Art. Nailed it!


This one's a stunner!


Want a healthy way to celebrate? This shake is all avocado, spinach, and a healthy dose of good luck!


If you're lucky, they'll take these gold coins as payment at the bar. I think the going rate is a-handful a-Guinness!


Don't party alone! This guy will be the Irish friend you always wanted! Just don't ask him to start singing....


It's your big day to stock up on some luck-of-the-Irish to keep you going for the rest of the year. But don't let that put you off stocking up on some cookies too!


Keep those charms close with this cute little bracelet. You never know when you might need some extra luck!


Try making this one without saying 'pottagold' over and over in your best Irish accent!


The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow cupcake, right?


Don't leave the house without it!


Not a Guinness fan? Switch it out for this pink lookalike!


Give them to your friends, and show them how lucky they are! It's our little secret that those coins were in there before they got baked...


Has your leprechaun taken up a sewing habit? Here's the perfect accessory!


Had a hard night chasing rainbows? Here's one we caught earlier, and it tastes delicious!