London next weekend

Hi There!
I will be in London with school next weekend (13-16 dec) and I wonder how the ambiance is. Are there christmas trees and ornaments and stuff? And can you recomment any good places, stores or pubs?

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Where do I start ?
This time of year is wonderful to be in London.
There is a Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square. There is a market along the South Bank - I believe it starts at the London Eye (the large Ferris Wheel on the opposite side of the River to Parliament and "Big Ben".) There is Ice Skating at the Tower of London and Somerset House. Head to Hyde Park at go to the Winter Wonderland. It’s free to get in.
If you are looking for a nice place to drink, I always recommend The George Inn near London Bridge Station. Its owned by the National Trust and has a lot of history attached to the place. I have included a link below
All the major streets have Christmas lights up – Regent Street, Oxford Street, Seven Dials etc. I would recommend seeing these at night!
If you are up for a little shopping – I recommend seeing Harrods in Knightsbridge. This place is incredible (It’s too expensive for me but it’s always an interesting place to visit.)
Food wise – any pub should serve food and I doubt you will be disappointed. I am sure there are food stands at the markets. If you want something nicer, there is a Jamie Oliver Restaurant near Seven Dials.
Site wise – I would see (and pay to see) Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, I would take a ride on the London Eye. Free sites include – the British Museum, The Natural History Museum, The V & A, The Science Museum (the Natural history, V&A and Science museum are located really close to each other.)
Hopefully this helps! Have a wonderful trip!

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Some links:

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