Hey there. I just joined "Cut Out + Keep" and received the following message from a "member":

My name is Miss nicy,i saw your profile today and after going through it, i fill more interested to contact you ,i will like you to please send me an email at my email address via ( for me to send you my pics and to tell you more about me. then from here we can move on.I will be waiting for your reply on my email address above.thanks nicyfaytu .via(

Anyway, I was suspicious. I entered the first line in Google and found it word for word on sites all over the net.

Carefull it may be someone phishing for info.

Stay safe!

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Yea- we've had this problem with some sort of bot on the site targeting new users. Just don't touch it and let Kat or Tom know. They should take care of it shortly.

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