DIY Movie Making

In part, this is shameless self-promotion...

The film I made costumes (and some props) for is about to have its World Premiere as part of the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival.

"A Sweet and Vicious Beauty" is a low budget independent film, with lush costumes, settings, and original score, capturing the Gothic flavor of the Hammer Studio's films and Roger Corman's Edgar Allan Poe movies.

I made a "How to" for a "fake wedding dress" here:

You can "like" the film's Facebook page:

And check out the trailer here:

But I'm also curious about other people's experiences working on costumes, props, makeup, etc. on no-budget or low-budget productions (movies, plays, etc.)

And if there are any tricks you've used to make things quickly and on the cheap.

Also, any opinions on the look of the film and costumes would be greatly appreciated. We were not historically accurate at all, I can tell you that - lol.

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