Candle Cove?

Hi everybody, I had a question. My sisters friend was watching this show "Candle Cove" form the 70's, and saying it was really really scary. My sister told me it might be just the thing we would like. But I am worried. It is suppose to be really really scary, and I can't find any information on it. I looked up images and it didn't come up with a ton, so that didn't help. I can handle almost all scary things. The only thing I can't handle is Marble Hornets, cause of was scared of those certain things already. I can handle most other stuff. So I was wondering if you could help me out and give me any information or memories about it. Maybe this will jog your memory: It was a show about a little girl and a fantasy pirate world she could travel to somehow. Then all the pirates where puppets and marionettes. And one of the evil characters is wearing a cape and top hat, he is a skeleton, and his name was something like skin-taker. His cape was made of children's skin. This is all ridiculous to me so there for funny, but I am still not sure. Thank you for all the help and answers in advance!! --Lauren

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