Scotland Recommendations

Hi There Happy
I will be on a trip to Scotland from 12th of July till the 17th. My friend and me already have planned some places and hostels but we would like to know if you can recommend something/someplace to us. Like, were are nice pubs and restaurants, are there any fun festivals (for free) or what kind of food/beer must I try at least once.

We are surely going to Edinbrough, Aberdeen, Loch Ness, and Isle of Sky. We will try to fit Fort William in our schedule too.

We will be traveling with the train and by foot. We will stay at cheap hostels and campsites.

I'd love to hear whatever you can tell Happy

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Hi Hella, I've originally from Coldstream in the Scottish borders, (which is roughly half-way between Newcastle and Edinburgh, I also lived in Aberdeen for 4 years whilst I was at uni. So I can give you recommendations for both of those places.

First things first, I resume you are travelling up to Scotland on the east coast mainline (train), make sure you get a window seat as the views are stunning especially through Northumberland and the bridge you cross at Dundee (feels like you are flying over the water).
Things to do in Edinburgh. There are loads of touristy things including the castle, bus tours, the tate modern... etc If the weather is nice I'd definately recommend that you go walking up Arthur's seat as its free and you get great views on the city. The grass market is also worth a visit as its in the old part of the city and has great little independant shops including the wonderful vintage clothing shop that is armstrongs
There are plenty of places on the royal mile that do scotish dishes like cullen skink and haggis, you can also visit the tea shop where J. K. Rowling wrote Harry potter:
When I visited a couple of years ago I went to this great Japanese resturant followed by great music at the jazz bar if thats your kind of thing.

Obviously, when I was at Aberdeen I was a student and so I didn't do much of the touristy stuff (like you don't tend to when you life somewhere). Marshall college in the centre (just off union street) is one of the tallest (or maybe the tallest i can't remember) gothic buildings in europe. We used to do our exams in there when I was a student and it has wonderful stained glass. Round the corner ( if its still there) is Mackays which is one of the strangest shops I've ever been into, the owner never gets rid of any stock but just keeps piling it all up. Aberdeen also has the largest independantly owned uk comic book shop (I think) called asylum its on 29 Adelphi Ln (they don't have a website). Mike the owner is a great character, has wonderful artist sketches and will give you recommendations if you tell him what you like. He also has a slightly wacky method of keeping track of all his stock.
I used to love the nightlife and the street with the best bars, cafes and resturants is belmont street. Go into Slain's castle for 7 deadly sins cocktails and try and find the toilets behind the concealed doors. In the day time you can have coffee and browse the books in books and beans and theres a great independant record shop over the road called one-up.

Aberdeen is on the coast and you can walk right up the beach from Footdee (pronounced fitty) to Bridge of Don. The beach at bridge of Don is lovely and if you walk along the river to the beach you can sometimes see grey seals.

I hope thats given you some ideas. Ask away if you have any questions or want more ideas. x

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Dear Libby. Thanks for your respond. Tomorrow we'll be in London and the day after we'll go to Scotland. I hope we get to see at least some of the places you recommended. Thanks you very much!

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You're welcome! Have a great time and let me know how you get on.

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