I thought it would help my mood and encourage me to be more creative to see if i could find a pen pal?

A little bit about me:
I enjoy writing letters, sharing and creating things (hence reason why I joined cutoutandkeep). I feel this has helped prevent me from buying so much junk and most importantly I feel like I am worth something.

I live in the UK but I don't mind sending international post,
I love international stamps;) Well if you interested you can drop me a personal message!

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You should check out all the swaps Happy
There's a Swap Request thread where you can see if anyone else would be interested in an extended or ongoing penpal sort of thing.
There's also the Newbie vs. Vet Swap where you can meet vets and get a feel for swaps here. It seems daunting at first but it's really fun and kind of addicting!

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