Calgary 14th anniversary of ATC trading


Our 14th anniversary of ATC trading in Calgary will be celebrated September 30th .
Fun party time with our usual BIG cake! This fun and exciting evening is very inspiring
as new, longtime traders, and previous traders show up. We are expecting a GREAT turnout.
It's a wonderful time to visit with people who have traded over the last 14 years. Some
traders have been trading since day one and that happened in September 1997! That's
quite a record!!

The event will be 3 (THREE) hours long and enough time to trade a LOT of cards. Start
making cards in early September as the month will just zip by.
Brings friends who might be interested in joining our group.


DATE: Friday, September 30th

TIME: 5:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.

LOCATION: 915 - 18 Avenue S.W. The house is on the south side of the road closer to 8th St. than 9th Street. There is some parking in front of the house and on both sides of the house. Please READ the signs carefully as some signs are dedicated to local residents only. Other parking is approximately half a block away; a nice little walk.

WHO: Friends, artists, non-artists, children and seniors are welcome.Come and see how the exchanges work and meet friendly traders.

WHY: It's unique and has been running for years and years. Cards must be 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and signed on the back. Our friendly traders are happy to answer questions and a perfect place to get meet new people, learn some techniques and get inspired.

IDEAS: Cards can be dated, perhaps a label added with email/snail address,titled, or series marked.

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2 replies since 22nd September 2011 • Last reply 22nd September 2011

how did the meet go?

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Thanks for asking, I actually couldn't make it Happy But the previous years were pretty fun!

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