Does anyone have a kindle?
i was thinking of getting one to store textbooks and other books on it. I know it has pictures, but not colour pictures (sad face)
I know there is an app for some e-books on the itunes store, and other brands of ebook readers, but which is best/has the best range?

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Hubby uses an I-pad and loves it.His only difficulty is in the sun he can't read.
Neighbors have his and hers Kindles and love these devises they read them in Hawaii without the sun issues.
The Nook is about in the US developed by Barnes and Noble but has emerging technology and less funding than the other readers.
For me I just like books,is a tactile thing, and I find the I-pad really uncomfortable to hold but I think that is just my dodge thumbs.Plus I-pad and my work space doesn't happen.

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