A wild Pokemon lover appears!!

Hey everyone! I am new to this website.. I have been checking it out lately and decided to join.

My shop's name is AbstractAverun...
You can pretty much find me on Etsy, Facebook..
I only trust a few online places, and so I am giving this place a chance.

Hopefully I will like it enough to stay.
Well, guess you are wondering what I make exactly.

I make felt pokemon, and actual animals.. Like elephants, whales, owls... Stuff I like, and enjoy spending time working on.

I also started making bracelets, earrings, and rings.. To kind of have some down time from the felt plushies... I had a show I needed to stock up for, and it made my work sooooooo boring. It's now what I do between orders.

Guess I will post my weblinks now:

My feedback is 100% positive, just so you know.

Hope to make some new shop friends!


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Welcome to CO&K! I like pokemon too, I'm really into the tcg the most though Happy

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