CO+K projects you've done

I've learned so much from this site, and all you wonderful artistic people! Since discovering it this past summer, I've used and made so many of the ideas I've found here. What about you? Do you now scrub your face with sea salt? (I do, every day)
Have you hacked up a t shirt and made it awesome, and have people begged to know where you got it? Here's what I've done:
*the aforementioned sea salt regimen
*Avocado+mayonnaise deep conditioner(once, may do it once a month or so)
*Made a bajillion little stuffed vegetables, treats, and fruits for my little girl to play with.
*Made tidy little cozies for all my gadgets(and posted a couple of them)
*sewn several sweet little felt friends.
*made bug shaped rainbow cupcakes for my daughter's 3rd birthday.
*made a frou frou tutu for her, and a tiny one for her toy puppy.
*started viewing pop tabs and bottle caps as valuable items, which should be whisked away and horded, before they get tragically thrown away.
*begun to feel validated in my child-like sense of whimsy, and need to save small scraps of fabric....

So class, what have you learned? XD

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You made me laugh with your post. I know exactly how you feel. Hm. Let's see. Since finding this website, my house has become a workshop of craftiness. Every available surface is covered with works-in-progress, supplies for future projects, or finished pieces. I have made dresses out of men's shirts. I did every little origami thing I could find. I made a matchbook shrine, a slew of Scrabble tile jewelry items, and more than one style of purse/handbag things. I put my hair in a fohawk, painted my fingernails with newspaper, turned a pair of ballet flats that I had into a pair of boots, and made 40-something yo-yos!!!! I have stolen so many of my husband's t-shirts to make dresses and shredded T's that I have to go out tomorrow and buy him new ones. My son has donated some of his toys to my craft bin and, in return, has received whole days filled with crafty wonderness. I'm in love with making stuff! (giggles gleefully)

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I learned so much from this site:
-making bowls,flowers,jewelery and coasters from magasines I was sawing
-to bleach stencil with doilies
-inspiration to keep on crocheting and knitting
-to appreciate my crafts
-to make awesome friends online
-to fuse plastic bags
-to make a 5 minute mug cake,when I need sugar
-I learned what a balaclava is and how to make it
-how to make a wire wrapped ring
-that soda cans can be transformed to a great ashtray
-clothes pins are not just for hanging clothes to dry
-that I dont need to buy a present,i can make one
-my English is not so bad
-and the greatest thing i learned is that Im not alone and I have great people to encourage me and give me inspiration to keep on crafting.

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omg, i cant even begin to list everything ive made, but i do post it all, so its there if you REALLY want to know. ;)

one thing ive become quite addicted to, however, is fimo. im working on a fimo necklace especially for israel's alice in wonderland opening night........ omg, so excited! of course, i will post it. Happy

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