America Help!

Hey to all the lovely peeps!!

I need some help...

My other half works for an amazing design company that has recently opened an office in New York. He has been approached about moving over, but he wants me to go with him.

This sounds like a cool idea, but....just wondering what its actually like over there (as I have never been), whats the cost of living like, apartments, whats it like to find work?

A friend of the fella already lives over there, and he is living in Brooklyn.

I would appreciate any help/ feedback

Sooz x

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I can't help but I just wanted to say Ooooooh lucky you!
And good luck=D

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well where are you from?

you need a visa to live in the States, but besides that, if you really love your boyfriend, think it of a great adventure together. try it.

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Hehe Michelle. I forgot to put that....

I currently live in UK. Born and bred.

The only thing that would worry me is getting a job :/ don't really have any savings to back me up.

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Look at Craigslist (if you can) they have apartments on there so you can get a price range! Also if your friend can, ask him for scans of newspapers ads for apartments. If your friend is really cool he might let you crash until you guys find a place! Brooklyn isn't too bad, ask your friend what his neighborhood is like see if there is anything open in his building
What do you do for work? Is it something that you can carry over to the US?
When are you looking to move? Can you save up till then?
Are you currently living with your BF?
Hope that helps some, that's what i'd be thinking about if i was asked about going.... Happy
Let us know what you decide!!!

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I believe you should think long and hard about the situation, because it's a very big change in your life.

Think about how serious your relationship is because if you're going to leave everything behind just for him, make sure it's the right decision, since I presume this is going to be long-term.

While it is a very exciting idea, and will certainly be a fun adventure at first, you still have to think about your future and the things you're working for like in life.

Have a sit down with your boyfriend and talk about it. Talk about what kind of future you both see and the things that you would like -that may give you a better understanding of what is best for you.

If you decide to move forward to New York, please PM me and I'll e-mail you some resources and information.

Good Luck!

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