Charlie and the Chocolate Factory related activities

I made this list of activities for my friend who works at a daycare and thought I'd share. Of course, there's baking, the book and movies involved.

-paint/colour only in blue (for the blueberry pie in the gum!)

-make golden tickets

-Ask students to guess how many M&M's are in a bag.

-math- count smarties, m&ms, etc (small manip, use tweezers, tongs)

-find the m&m math work book

- weigh, measure candies

-paint with pudding (no milk!)

-chart fave candies

-quiz/game show

-make paper lollypops (can mark numbers on back to make matching game)

-print picture and turn it into a puzzle

-word search

-Connect the Dots

-Shrinking Lollypops - children are in pairs with a sheet of newspaper. When the music stops they fold it in halve and balance on it.

-dress up- top hat, "what would an oompaloompa wear?"

-alphabet bunting decoration

-candy party banner from paper plates

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Wow that's a long list! If I was a kid I would be very into those activities - they sound like fun. Great job!

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