Displaying a card collection

Hey all,

I don't like clutter but do tend to hang on to unique items and one-of a kinds. I hoard paper and have a decent collection of used and unused cards that I've built over the years. I have stationary, greeting cards and postcards from many countries. I love them and have been looking for creative ways to display them and or use them.

I had some unique ones in a pictureframe for a while. This idea is tired now and I'm hoping for some fresh ones. Any ideas??

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Well I am in the same situation regarding xmas cards and we came up with making a xmas collage card. You could make different collage posters in themes. Make a calendar using the idea here
for the base and then as the top page making a collage of pictures and words etc
Ive seen some projects for making mobiles out of different things, I am sure there is a project on this site somewhere.
Good luck and I look forward to seeing your results Happy

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