His Noodly Appendages

I am so bloody frustrated!!! I am new to crochet, having became disgusted by trying to learn to knit. I really want to make a pastafarian hat, but for the life of me i can not find a pattern for crochet, or even knitting! I am not (by far not) talented enough to come up with my own... anyone have any ideas???

Here's a picture of the hat... Happy I WANT IT!!!


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Step 1.
Sign up to lionbrand.com

Step 2.
Make yourself this hat in the correct coloured yarn

Step 3
Learn to amigurumi. This is simply going in spirals of single crochet in a circle without joining, which forms 3D structures, such as tubes (which'll form the eye stalks.) when you learn amigurumi you can easily wing yourself some eye stalks, eyes and meatballs. If you want patterns for the spheres of the eyes or the meatballs then use her guide: http://www.craftdesigns4you.com/freecrochetball.htm

Step 4
Make some chains using a big hook and fluffy yarn for the tentacle things.

Step 5
Sew everything together.

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