Japanese modeling clay- Does anyone know it's North American counter part?

I love japanese crafts.

I recently bought on etsy the most awesome book ever on how to make cute adorable kawaii sweets from Japan.

I have been for the last little while creating my own cute little treats out of Fimo,however I feel like the clay they use for these crafts seems alot easier to work with as well as minus the whole oven lameness.

Its expensive to order stuff from Japan,so I was wondering if anyone knew of any kind of modeling clay that could be used for this similar to the clay they sell specificly for this kind of craft. Not only the clay,but also the other products they sell for this as well, like what they use for syrops and the icing.

I live in Canada,so if anyone has any information in regards to this please let me know what type of clay I should use and where I can get it.


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