okay. there's this site, bake it pretty.
i've found it (i think) when my brother sent me a link to the whisk kid blog.
the whisk kid blog alone is bad's full of these gorgeous cupcakes and i love them and i want to make them!
but then, the bake it pretty site....i adore it, and i hate it. in a way.
every single time i visit that site, i get this urge to bake cupcakes, just as pretty as the ones there.
i have never, ever frosted a cupcake before. and i want to! but the shipping to the netherlands from bake it pretty is to high...
especially now i've visited the site. i now want to make chocolate mini cupcakes, with mocca cream frosting.
because i can only make mocca cream, other wise i'll have to glaze the cupcakes and won't get those piped things on top that i like so much. and i love mocca cream, too.
anyway, the question is....
*is it possible to make my own mini cupcake wrappers?
*what types of frosting/icing can i use to pipe on those pretty swirls?
*anyone got cupcake baking tips?
and i'm frustrated because it's allmost 8 pm, and grandma and grandpa don't want me baking cupcakes now.
(my mom would want me to, she likes cupcakes but she's in singapore now)
anyone got help? and sorry for the kinda weird post.

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buttercream frosting works really well for piping just remember to keep it cool once it gets hot its runny do u not have a mini cupcake pan u dont have to have wrappers if u spray your pan with cooking spray first they should slide out ok im looking at the site where did you find the mimi ones

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The tips you can get thru Wilton
they have all sorts of baking supplies,tips, patterns and they have been around forever. My mom used to make wedding cakes years ago and swore by Wilton~! You can use a royal frosting (i will look for my recipe at home for you) it's a bit stiffer! You need a bigger tip to get the look of the swirl! Check out the wilton site and I will look for some info for you too! Happy

here's how to decorate a cupcake:

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I love making cup cakes and I have loads of recipes at home for frosting. I could have a look tonight and send you a couple of recipes tomorrow if that would be any help?

cupcake baking tips - find a recipe and follow it properly. The sponge base is normally a basic one, but followed properly it should be fool proof (can supply some of these too if you want)

Also, mini cupcake holders, if you know the circumfrence of the base, you can cut out circles from greaseproof paper that are a 3 to 4 cm larger than the base you need, using a template the same size as the base, you can score around it, and then fold the 4 cm extra into pleats - don't know if this makes sense but it is difficult to explain lol.


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thanks a lot everyone,
@michelle: no, i don't have any mini cupcake pans....
i did find praline wrappers at a french supermarket today :p i could make really tiny cupcakes in them i guess ^^
@melissa: that site's great, i've been looking on it for maybe half an hour now, and it's got tons of useful information! thanks!
@kimmi: yeah, frosting recipes would be great..i only know this one:
-lots of confectioners sugar (or literally powdered sugar)
- a drizzle of water
mix the water trough the sugar, and ta-da! icing! sorta.
where can i find good recipes? simple ones, like chocolate or vanilla or really basic stuff like that is best to start with i think.
yeah, the tamplate thing does make have, for example a 4 cm base circumference, then you draw a circle with an 8 cm circumference. then you cut out the circle, and pleat it so it becomes 3 dimensional. is that correct?
thanks^^ i'm off to bed, good night!
x suzi

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75g butter

550g sifted icing sugar

4 tablespoons milk

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. In a bowl beat butter until fluffy. Gradually add half of the icing sugar, beating well.
2. Slowly beat in the half of the milk and the vanilla. Slowly beat in remaining sugar. Beat in additional milk, if needed, to make of spreading consistency.

This is a basic recipe and once you can make this, you can add anything you like. Colours, flavours etc.

I have a fantastic recipe somewhere for a really good basic fairy cake recipe, I will search for it.

And yes, you understood my nonsensical rambling about making cup cake cases =)


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This site has some wonderful recipes and ideas


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you are very welcome, try here on the Wilton site:
there is like 30 recipes for frostings and fillings too if you want (the only issue is it's in US measurements so you would have to convert to metric~I assume you use metric right?)
Good luck sweety! Happy

And what the difference between a cupcake and fairy cake?

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yeah, i was wondering about the cupcake-fairy cake thing, too.
i use grams and kilo's, that's metric right?
the sites are very helpful, and those cupcake recipes are great. i do make cupcakes now, kinda....
i could only make chocolate "cupcakes" . and those were actually just brownies in a cupcake shape. i know, i'll just call them browniecakes.
i'm really glad with all this help, thanks so much everyone.
i'll be having a teatime-thing with a couple of friends for easter, too and i was hoping i could make some cupcakes then, and with these sites i think i can^^
and it turns out my grandma not only has a recipe for cupcake icing and flower paste, but also knows how to make a basic flower and has a small tin with the recipe, an icing bag, and some wonderful tiny pastry/icing tips. so i'm all set, and this weekend i'll be baking again.
(i'm not allowed to bake until the last batch of browniecakes is eaten. no problem, i have 15 hungry friends at least. so they'll be gone soon^^
i like making stuff, then sharing it with people- everytime i've been baking my friends'll know because they get some, too)

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For a simple chocolate icing you could use sweet cocoa (the stuff you can make chocolate milk with, like Nesquick) instead of powdered sugar. If you use powdered sugar with (lemonade) syrup you can get different tastes.
Also mascarpone with syrup/bebogeen/cocoa could make nice icing I think.
If you want the icing to be really hard you can just melt chocolate, spoon it on and let harden in the fridge.

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i made a cake for my mom's birthday on tuesday today!
it's a pretty shaped chocolate cake. it's got scalloped edges, and is smaller at the top than it is at the bottom.
there's pure chocolate on the top, and a little drizzle down the edges, and it's cut trough the middle and filled with a mix of butter, powdered sugar, and melted pure chocolate. and on the top are chocolate leaves i made with rose leaves, and next to the cake, on the platter it sits on are 4 sets of chocolate rose leaves and i set of a chocolate rose petal and a chocolate basil leaf.
it's really pretty and i'm gonna post it as a project.
thanks, everyone-i couldn't have made this without your help^^

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good for you sweetheart!! I'm sure your mom was happy to have a beautiful cake made for her!

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yeah, she loved it^^
she has some every day now, it's very good and almost entirely eaten by now^^
i'll be making my brother's 18th birthday cake, too=P

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okay so my brother's birthday cake didn't happen.
instead, i made 12 cherry-vanilla mini cupcakes, 12 vanilla mini cupcakes, 12 vanilla-chocolate chip mini cupcakes, en 12 chocolate-chocolate chip cupcakes.
i tried to take pictures...but the guests kept eating them!
so that didn't work >_<
they were a great succes!
thanks everybody!

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