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Pretty Easy

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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Vamp up those shoes!

See my blog for more pictures. :)

I love these leopard flats from Target, but I felt like they needed something else-- vampification.



You Will Need


  1. How to make a shoe clip. Zippery Rose - Step 1 1

    First you just need a pair of shoes. It does not matter if they are new or old. Animal print is always preferable. ;)

  2. How to make a shoe clip. Zippery Rose - Step 2 2

    Next you need to split a zipper and all you have to do is wind it up to make a swirl. You sew the rose together inch by inch.

    Here is another tutorial I found on how to make a zipper rose corsage.

  3. How to make a shoe clip. Zippery Rose - Step 3 3

    Then, all you have to do is place the rose where you want it on the shoe and stitch it up!


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