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when I want something quick to eat :)

I don't know why, but this seems to always be the bread I will make to eat on Sunday nights :) Don't ask---I'm a reverend's daughter, and I'm making beer bread, but there you go! It's kind of a "take off" from Indian Fry Bread (I'm originally from Arizona, so Oldham Tash every year held glorious fry bread for me)---I made it up in my head!




  1. How to bake soda / beer bread. Stove Top Beer Bread - Step 1 1

    Basically, you mix 2 cups of white flour, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar (to taste), 1 heaping tsp. of baking powder, 1-2 cups of cold water, and about 1/2 bottle of beer. I used the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but you can use any beer. Here it is in the bowl (which happened to be the only bowl that was clean!). Mix it well---it'll be sticky :)

    NEW NOTE (12/21/08)---I substituted Rice Flour and the batter came out WAY SMOOTHER!!

  2. How to bake soda / beer bread. Stove Top Beer Bread - Step 2 2

    You then grease a pan (either with non-stick spray or butter---I used butter because that was what we had), and drop forkfuls or spoonfuls of batter into the skillet. Then cook it just like you would a pancake (I tend to like mine a little doughy, my husband prefers them crispy). If you want it flat, just smooth the batter out---I like mine thick :)

  3. How to bake soda / beer bread. Stove Top Beer Bread - Step 3 3

    Then they're done :) As you can probably ascertain, I'm not the greatest of cooks, but I do love to cook, and these aren't perfect, but seldom anything that I make ever is! That's the *fun* of it, I guess :)

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Stove Top Beer Bread

Stove Top Beer Bread

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Tame A.
Tame A. · US · 8 projects

thank you very much!!

Jude K.
Jude K. · ,

This recipe keeps me coming back to this site over and over... you'd think I'd print it out! I love it - thanks Tame!

ni ni
ni ni


Tame A.
Tame A. · US · 8 projects

I agree---I think the bread works best with a lager or dark beer, and a little less water :) The more beer, the better!!

Kepi · US · 43 projects

I finally got to try it :) It's good! I did use a light beer, and think it would be better with a lager, so I will try that next time. I ended up using only 1c water and a little more than half the beer...next time, thinking of only using 1/2c water and entire beer...more beer! haha

Tame A.
Tame A. · US · 8 projects

I'm so glad people love this bread :) I can't wait to cook it again! We're moving, so that'll be the first *home cooked* meal in our new house!

Kepi · US · 43 projects

I can't wait to try this!

Jessica L.
Jessica L. · 1 project

Youre awesome!
I just made these with Shiner Commerator (100 anniv. beer for a texan beer) and wow!
I did use a bottle though and had to add more flour....it was kinda cake like before I did.
Thank you for this awesome receipe!

Tame A.
Tame A. · US · 8 projects

I haven't tried it, but I sure will soon! I think they can :) Thanks for the suggestion! Tame

Spooky.Kitty · US · 8 projects

could these be baked in silicone cupcake cups instead of a pan?

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