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So so
One of my signature items, the ruffle skirt has been very popular.

I made this skirt on a whim. I hate patterns, so it’s just something I cooked up. The skirt is lined b/c of the slits in the indigo material. I just love the big bow.

I've been making these as a signature item in my etsy store for a little while now and have decided to move on. It'll be kinda cool to see other people making these.

This is my first tute, so please message me any questions. I assume that you have basic sewing knowledge.

***Remember to surge all the seams. One wash is all it takes to ruin a garment.***



  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 1
    Step 1

    So first you need to gather your materials. Since there is no pattern for this skirt, there is math to be done. Decide if you want to do a contrasting fabric for the underskirt; this is what I usually do and I have lots of examples.

    The only measurement you need is your hip measurement. Add about 4" to that and that is your waistband width. Call this number "X".

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 2
    Step 2

    If your measurement X is less than the width of your fabric, then cut two (2) strips of fabric 4" wide by length X. One will be the waistband, the other will be the top panel.

    If your measurement X is greater than the width of your fabric, divide the measurement X by two (2) and add your seam allowance (I use 3/8"). Call this measurement Q. Cut four (4) strips of fabric 4" wide by length Q. Sew the fabric together so that you now have two strips that each are the original measurement X.

  • Step 3

    Add about 12" to measurement X. Call that measurement P.

    Divide the measurement P by two (2). Call that measurement R.

    Cut two (2) strips of fabric that are 2" by length R.

    Sew the strips together. This will become your drawstring.

    ***You can skip this step by using a piece of 3/4" wide ribbon for your drawstring.***

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 4
    Step 4

    There are two layers to the ruffle skirt. I typically use one layer at 10" and the other at 12". This is mainly because my rotary guide only goes up to 12". A 12" bottom layer will produce a skirt that is above the knee. Use whatever measurement you prefer, but keep at least a 2" difference in the length. A longer skirt would prolly look better with a greater difference, say 3" or 4".

    Both of the layers are about twice (2x) the length of measurement X; your waistband measurement. So, you should cut and sew a strip of fabric that is 10" wide by 2X long and another strip that is 12" wide by 2X long.

    This should be all of your fabric.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 5
    Step 5

    Take a moment to thank your kitty for all his help.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 6
    Step 6

    For the waistband: If the fabric is lightweight, it is a good idea to use a light to medium weight fusible interfacing to reinforce it.

    Fold fabric in half widthwise (like a hotdog) and press.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 7
    Step 7

    Fold the waistband in half lengthwise (like a hamburger) and mark the halfway point. From the halfway point, measure 3/4" in each direction. Measure 3/4" from the cut end of the waistband, and 3/8" from the folded edge. This will form the layout for your buttonholes.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 8
    Step 8

    Sew the buttonholes.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 9
    Step 9

    Placing right sides together, sew the waistband to the other 4" strip of fabric (the top panel). Make sure that you are sewing the edge closest to the buttonholes. Serge that seam and the raw edge on the waistband.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 10
    Step 10

    ***Skip this step if you are using ribbon for your drawstring***

    Fold the 2" strip of fabric widthwise (like a hotdog) right sides together. Sew the edges together. Turn the strip right side out. Fold in the raw edges on both ends and sew closed. Top stitch the seam and the fold to produce a flat drawstring.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 11
    Step 11

    Time to make ruffles!!

    You need to do this on both the 10" and 12" strips.

    First, you need to hem one edge. It takes forever, but it's necessary.

    The other edge needs to be gathered in some way. I prefer my ruffler foot on its lowest setting, but a gathering foot, clear elastic, or hand gathering works just as well.

    Sew the 10" layer to the bottom of the top panel, right sides together. Then, sew the 12" layer to the same seam facing the same direction as the 10" layer. Trim the excess and serge the seam.

    You can top stitch the seam to help the skirt lay flat along the ruffle, but it's completely optional.

  • Step 12

    Sew the edges of the skirt together to make it into a skirt. I usually start at the finished edge of the waistband sewing down to the hemmed edge on the top layer, then inwards from the hemmed edge of the bottom layer to the top of the ruffle.

    !!!!It is much easier to sew the top layer before the bottom layer.!!!!

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 13
    Step 13

    Fold the waistband over and sew in place.

    You can hide the row of stitching in the crease of the seam or you can use this opportunity to top stitch along the waistband for a better drape.

  • How to sew a rah-rah skirt. Ruffle Skirt - Step 14
    Step 14

    Now all you have to do is run the drawstring through the waistband pocket and decorate. Bows are currently my fav.

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Elan H.
Elan H. · Riyadh, Riyadh Province, SA

I love them all! I would totally wear them.
Just need to whip up a few ;P Thanks for the share.

Kez N.
Kez N. · 38 projects

These are really lovely! Happy

Beth T.
Beth T. · Downey, California, US

Wish I could sew...plus I would want to make skorts out of these, since you just can't find cute skorts!

Panda-Goes-Rawr · 5 projects

I love 13 and 17 Happy

Leah · Greensboro, North Carolina, US · 8 projects

Is there a way to add more ruffles or make the layers longer maybe? I don't know that I'd want mine this short.

Kelly B.
Kelly B. · Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US · 7 projects


mandiCHU · 2 projects


Lucy L.
Lucy L. · 7 projects

OMG I LOVE THEM ALL!! Defo faving this 1! lol xx

Emily · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 4 projects

all so cute

astrodeth · Chinle, Arizona, US · 6 projects

i love all of your skirts
thnx for the tutorial...imma try it =]

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