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Version This project is a version of Rainbow Jelly Jigglers by KMOM14

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Based on Rainbow Jelly Jigglers by KMOM14

This version only uses three colors of gelatin - red, yellow, and blue - with the addition of three packet of unflavored gelatin.

For each layer, use 6 oz. flavored gelatin with one packet unflavored, such as Knox brand. (1st is blue, 2nd yellow, and 3rd red) Stir in 2 cups boiling water until dissolved. Add 1/2 cup ice (around 4ish large cubes). Pour into 13x9 pan, let set for 45 minutes or so in the fridge. Repeat with yellow and red layers.

Slice and serve with whipped cream for "clouds". :D This would look fabulous cubed and served in a glass dish.

Halloween Jelly Filled Fruits
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Halloween Jelly Filled Fruits

with raspberry brains!!!

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Individual Rainbow Jelly
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Individual Rainbow Jelly

It tastes as Yummy as it looks!!

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Chocolate Mint Vegan Jelly
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Chocolate Mint Vegan Jelly

Easy, cheap and simply delicious!!!

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Edible Cocktails
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Edible Cocktails

How to Make Edible Cocktails

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Rainbow Jelly Jigglers
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Rainbow Jelly Jigglers

Easy and colorful St. Patrick's Day treat!

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Jell O Roses
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Jell O Roses


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