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Version This project is a version of Nintendo Ds Stylus Leash by Goth Ninja

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Nice 'n' Simple

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Based on Nintendo Ds Stylus Leash by Goth Ninja

I didn't want to lose my DS stylus when I travel this summer, so this was a good solution!

I changed the clasp to just a loop, for the DS lite.

I used Soft Flex (.014 in) for my string.

Make sure your leash is long enough for your stylus to reach the screen! I had to check a few times. The final length was about 6 1/2 inches with the (1 in.) loop on the end.

I priced it as "almost nothing" because I already had all of the supplies.

Key Cord

Key Cord

Never losing your keys again.

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Discordian Japa Mala

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Lanyard Crazy!

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