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Based on Milk Carton Coin Purse by connect the dots

My first green is too flat. (someone told me to punch a hole for take the coin easier, not open the cover!)

Juice Carton Wallet

Juice Carton Wallet

its just like the coin purses, but more manly!

♥ 11
Milk Carton Wallet

Milk Carton Wallet

Make a Milk Carton Wallet

♥ 59
Purse Made From Milk / Juice Box

Purse Made From Milk / Juice Box

Tetra Pak? Purse! It takes only 5 minutes

♥ 95
Juice Pouch Coin Purse

Juice Pouch Coin Purse

Yey for up-cycling!

♥ 6
Ultimate Tropicana Wallet

Ultimate Tropicana Wallet

Coins, cards, notes, EVERYTHING, and looks amazing!!

♥ 17
Juice Pouch Change Purse

Juice Pouch Change Purse

Recycle juice pouches to make a coin purse

♥ 0


Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, nl · 108 projects

thank you for your great advice, i understand what i must do to finish my B version;-D i love yours now effen better. hey i'm looking forwards to see more green crafts of yours;-D really awesome!!! lot's of xo's


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