Version This project is a version of Fuse Plastic Bags :) by Sarah wearing doodled on converse

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Based on Fuse Plastic Bags :) by Sarah wearing doodled on converse

I really loved doing this project... but my husband said the fumes were bad for me and that I needed to stop! Haha... at least it was fun while it lasted! I might try again sometime when its cool enough outside to open the windows!

Yellow Pouchet

Yellow Pouchet

Love for fusing plastic bags

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Plastic Bag Coin Purse

Plastic Bag Coin Purse

the new plastic bag.....

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Fuse Plastic Bags :)

Fuse Plastic Bags :)

basically an enviroment friendly fabric!!!

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Plastic Lunch Bags

Plastic Lunch Bags

Do lunch right

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Plastic Bag Wallets

Plastic Bag Wallets

A fun a cute way to reuse a plastic bag!!!

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Plastic Bag Purse

Plastic Bag Purse

turn my garbage bag nice "purse"

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Sarah wearing doodled on converse
Sarah wearing doodled on converse · 4 projects

looks super rad!!!!

i don't know why everyone say they are getting a bad smell, it never happened to me....


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