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Version This project is a version of Fuse Plastic Bags :) by Sarah wearing doodled on converse

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Nice 'n' Simple

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North Carolina, North Carolina, United States
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Based on Fuse Plastic Bags :) by Sarah wearing doodled on converse

I really loved doing this project... but my husband said the fumes were bad for me and that I needed to stop! Haha... at least it was fun while it lasted! I might try again sometime when its cool enough outside to open the windows!

Brass Steampunk Pouch

Brass Steampunk Pouch

A pouch made of brass, nickle, and leather. Basically used with my steampunk garb to hold my phone and such.

♥ 10
Journaled Burlap Bags

Journaled Burlap Bags

Paint Canvas and Use it to Embellish These Burlap Mini Totes

♥ 7
Crochet A Pouchy Pouch

Crochet A Pouchy Pouch

Perfect project for the crochet beginner!

♥ 36
Fuse Plastic Bags :)

Fuse Plastic Bags :)

basically an enviroment friendly fabric!!!

♥ 519
(Kid Friendly) Earbud Pouch

(Kid Friendly) Earbud Pouch

Keep earbuds, small trinkets, cards, and more in this Velcro closure pouch

♥ 2
Flower Pouch

Flower Pouch

A sweet little pouch for coins, jewellery etc.

♥ 22



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