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Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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modifying a pleated tote bag

Just a few days ago I tried modifying a pleated tote bag tutorial, to make a clutch like this… I have to say, i failed 3 times, first the bottom was to big for the top band. I tried and tried, until I finally got it kind of right, but when top stitching at the end I didn’t left enough space between the fabric and the snap closure to top stitch with the machine. so I made a third try, and this is the result i finally got it right, but I probably won´t be able to make it again, ha ha ha ha, I didn’t write down the process.

But I will have to try it again, this is a battle I cannot loose!!!!


Butterflies And Fruit Pleated Tote

Butterflies And Fruit Pleated Tote

Butterflies and Fruit Pleated Tote

♥ 549
Pleated Tote Bag

Pleated Tote Bag

A fast, cute bag for all occasions.

♥ 291
Pink Purse With Buttons

Pink Purse With Buttons

courdoroy and buttons!

♥ 14
Pleated Tote Bags

Pleated Tote Bags

Pleated Totes

♥ 13
Butterfly Bag

Butterfly Bag

Butterfly Bag

♥ 12
Pleated Beauty Bag

Pleated Beauty Bag

pleated beauty at the fair

♥ 30



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