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Portland OR Oregon 6 projects

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Flower Wall Hangings

Bring a little bit of happy to any room!

♥ 23
Toadstool Seats

Make some sweet sweet seats for your garden space!!

♥ 41
Twig And Felt Arrows

Fun felt and twig arrows

♥ 20
Mini Book Necklace

For all the book lovers and people who love miniature things!

♥ 353
Elegant Egg Candles

These little candles are perfect for Easter.

♥ 39
Corset Back Dress Reconstruction

Turn the back of your dress into a corset :)

♥ 284
Angel Wings Cut Out Tee

A creative way to cut up your tee :)

♥ 391
Icicle Ornaments From Plastic Bottles

recycle PET bottles into christmas ornaments

♥ 764
Diy Woven Chain Necklace

Weave a chain necklace with embroidery thread.

♥ 302
Mad Hatter Hats

If you’ve a wedding, garden, mad or fancy dress party to attend, one of these hats is sure to get you noticed.

♥ 256
Steam Punk Necklace

♥ 11
Cupcake Bites :D

A New Yummy Kind Of Cupcake

♥ 502
~Mini Homemade Pop Tarts~

Sorry Kellogg's,These Homemade Pop Tarts Will Make You Crumble!

♥ 272
Rainbow Roses

Create your own rainbow roses!

♥ 1140
Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial!

Dia de los muertos

♥ 265
Batman! Comic Book Flats.

Inspired from another how-to on this site.

♥ 1160
DIY Zipper Necklace

A very inexpensive, edgy look.

♥ 428
Cut Up The Front Of Your T Shirt   Simple Diy Tutorial

Turn high neck t-shirts into a sexy top

♥ 118
Diy Alexander Wang Cage Dress

Recreate this popular runway look in less than an hour!

♥ 342
Cut Up The Back Of Your T Shirt   Sexy V And Weave

Cut a sexy V in the back of your t-shirt and learn how to weave - Simple DIY Tutorial

♥ 576
*No Sew* Cute Halter Shirt/Tunic From A Old Oversized Shirt

no sew halter shirt tunic from old teeshirt tshirt recon brown haired barbie

♥ 446
How To Make A Full Circle Skirt From A Tablecloth! By Minnie Burton

See your table linen in a whole new light!

♥ 248

Corset and tute!

♥ 828
Tank And Shirt Into Mini Dress

A mini dress made out of a tank top and a shirt

♥ 525
Woven Wire Bangle Bracelet

Woven Wire Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

♥ 261
Steampunk Y Ring

♥ 94
Steampunk Goggles

Made from old swimming goggles

♥ 258
Make Your Own Bails

twisty swirly, fun to make your own stuff!

♥ 54
Steampunk Ear Studs

Steampunk Ear Studs

♥ 183
Felt Rose Ring

simple and delicate~

♥ 1518
Wall Flower Horns

♥ 48
Zipper Roses Fascinator Hat

Romantic headpiece decorated with ribbons, toys or zippers

♥ 652
Zipper Necklace

zipper, outsapop, necklace, accessories, jewelry, trashion, reuse

♥ 228
Steely Grey Corset

♥ 25
Pearl Choker

♥ 21
Barb Wire Wrapped Heart Necklace

Protect your feelings with a barb wire wrapped heart necklace.

♥ 449
Drawstring Halter  And A Line Dress

sew an a-line dress with a drawstring halter neckline

♥ 622
Fabric Ball Necklace

Use up your old fabric scraps to make a cute necklace.

♥ 194
Felty Flowers

Jazz up your outfit with felt flower accessories.

♥ 117
Geisha Flowers

Brighten up your outfit this summer with a home made geisha flower hair clip.

♥ 634