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Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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cupcakes and cakepops ^^

I always wanted to try cupcakes and my 20th birthday was somehow the rigth place for this ^^

I used some Butter Icing with pink and violet food coloring, but unfortunately, or luckily, the violet turned rather blue o.Ô
(in the pink icing is some vodka, as a sex and the city allusion)

Besides the cupcakes, I found a really amazing recipe for cakepops by bakerella
since they wouldn't stay on the sticks they became sort of chocolates instead (btw, I used the butter icing to mix the crumbled cake together instead of cream cheese and it worked just fine ;-) )


Eyeball Cupcakes

Eyeball Cupcakes

Halloween eyeball cupcakes.

♥ 65
Pokéball Cupcakes

Pokéball Cupcakes

Pokémon themed cupcakes!

♥ 75
Sesame Street Cupcakes

Sesame Street Cupcakes


♥ 48
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes

A Cupcake That Tastes Just Like Your Eating A Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

♥ 58
Love Bug Cakes :D

Love Bug Cakes :D

For Valentine's day or lovers of ladybugs :)

♥ 37
Happy Feet Cupcakes!!!!

Happy Feet Cupcakes!!!!

Ramón: "We got personality, with a capital Y. Why? Because we're hot!"

♥ 62



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