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    Corset tutu dress

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    I am currently making a corset topped tutu skirted dress and needed help with some ideas.
    The colors of my corset will be purple, light blue, and lime green. (and maybe bits of black) but I was wondering what I could do for the corset?
    I think it would be best to have a black corset but all black sounds kind of boring to me. Or maybe a purple or blue top. I have absolutely no idea how to make the colors for the top. And maybe adding some color to the bones or beads around the outline or SOMETHING! but I cant think of a straightforward idea.
    Can anyone help me? Or any pictures to get an idea through?
    Thanks so much!
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    This is a project I found on Cutoutandkeep

    Medium corset dress
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    Maybe you can paint the grommets for the corset one of the colors you mentioned. You could lace it up with one of the colors. You could add trim in the colors around the edges of the corset?
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    Oh i like that idea!! Thank you so much! :D
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    You could also add some rhinestone on it to glam it up in some blues or greens.
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    you can wide your mind with this image. in my opinion you can do the steel bones with black an the part of front purple and for the sides will be perfect that you can find a fabric with the anothers two color. . . or just one and the ribon in another one. i think ligh blue for the sides and green for the ribon. lace it black
    Another idea its the same but without the ribon. the diferent its that you can put green gems in the part purple. that combination of colors look so good.
    You can put gems or some green chains. . . or fimo sweets. . .
    well . . . thats all. i will think jajaja. : )
    good luck!
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    Also, if you are having a hard time making this into a 1 piece dress, just make the tutu and wear it with the corset... I have been doing this recently and it looks great. Just make sure to add enough fabric to the tutu!


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