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    sewing patten help!

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    hi guys

    i want to make a gunther plushie, out of felt. and i want a nice easy patten to do it. problem is i cant seam to find one anywhere on the internet. do you peeps know or have any you could share?

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    Do you have an image of what you have in mind, or of what you want the plushie based on?

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    It would be easy enough to make a pattern of Gunter. Just look at how others have made their Gunter Plushies and make a pattern from that, I've made many patterns that way. Just look up Gunter plushie on deviantart.com. I tried looking for a pattern but only came up with a knit one.

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    heres the picture of what i want to make, and i might try looking up on deviant art too. can you see if you can find any more?

    Medium gunther
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    Please forgive the painfully ugly trackpad drawn sketch. I hope it makes sense too.
    I'd sew the white portion onto a piece of black that will be the front half of him. Then I'd cut an identical black piece (the dotted lines in the drawing) and sew around while sewing his wings into this seam as well. Then follow that by sewing a circle onto the bottom. And of course, it's always easier to sew the face on before closing the plush.
    You might have to play with the body pieces a little to get them to make a fat enough plush, but it can be done. Plus, if you use fleece instead of felt, you'd probably get a smoother, more rounded shape when it's stuffed. Fleece has more stretch to it where felt barely has any.

    Another way you could do it, but it wouldn't be as clean and smooth would be to sew a tube out of black for his body and then gather the top in to make the top of his head. That could have a cute homemade vibe if you are into that.

    Good luck.~

    Medium pattern sketch
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    Ooo! Just saw this Jake and the idea of 4 pieces in a tall, squished beachball kind of pattern would be great for this guy. http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/adventure-time-jake-plush

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    Do you want it 2D (like just 2 pieces of felt sewn together) or 3D (like the Jake plush)? I'd love to try and help and make a how-to if I can. :)

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    i made my own patten and had a go at making him. it took me a while, (i forgot how to thread my sewing machine! and i had to change my needle on it and it took sometime) but yay! its 3d and i will post it soon.


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