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    Best DIY Dress Form?

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    so I am considering purchasing a new dress form off of amazon for like 50.00 and it has great reviews; as i have been unable to find one locally that is priced at what I want to spend. I won't be using it much, so I don't really want to waste money on it.

    But I have also been watching tons of the duct tape dress form tutorials.

    Has anyone ever made your own dress form? If so, what kind did you make?
    What was the final cost? It is seeming like it will not be that much less than buying one after buying the duct tape and filling.
    But on the plus side, it would fit my form exactly and be fun to make.

    So, input? thanks ladies!
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    You can get duct tape from a dollar store for a $1 plus tax, and fill your dress form with old cut up clothes. Or buy a new one that can change to three different sizes. Remeber if you make it's eco-friendly and if you buy it you just added to the plastic waste in the world.

    Nah, I'm just kidding it really all depend on what you are going to use it for. I bought my own dress form from a yardsale for $20. It is missing the handle piece, but other than that it work fine. I use mine to display my projects. Since you don't plan on using it often I think making your own would be cheaper.
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    thank you for the reply Mochi Mochi!
    I picked up a couple rolls of duck tape, both are 55 yards, so I am hoping that is enough. Then a pretty purple deco duck tape for the outside! My husband is making me the stand and is going to tape me up! I will post a pic when it is all finished! :)

    I think making one will be fun! :) plus it is custom.
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    Your welcome :)


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