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    Does anyone else use this place?



    It's a super resource for DIY crafts Happy

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    I haven't but I'll check it out Happy

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    It's an awesome way to not only organize all of your fav links. If you search crafts you can everyone's pin bored with they're fav crafts! I've found some Awesome DIYs

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    I went there, they are doing some changes so have to go back and ck it out.Thanks

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    I got my invite, but I don't tweet or facebook...and you can't join without having either of them..

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    poo Happy I didn't realize you HAD to have those to join Happy I hope they fix that sometime so anyone can join and share the awesome!

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    I use it too Happy I love it, I already got so many craft ideas from people's pins Happy

    here's mine: pinterest.com/bibiness

    @Cassie, I'm following a couple of your diy boards, there are great things on them Happy

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    I'm on there an I love it Happy mine is just Pamela Pascali

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    i'm on there to Happy

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    I am rather addicted to it, have lost many, many hours of my life searching through. Do find so many amazing things that I want to make but have no idea if i'll ever have the time to make them all.

    I'm http://pinterest.com/sianey/ on there.

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    I use Pinterest a lot more since I installed the "pin it" into my bookmarks. Took me a while to figure out and I was only re pinning other's pins which was no fun. Now I can pin something anytime I come accross something I like. I use it instead of bookmarking and its way more organised Happy

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    http://pinterest.com/paskiae/ Here's me. Just got it today, so there's not much yet.

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    This is mine. Just got it about a month ago and I'm loving it! http://pinterest.com/mashymoo/

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    I'm addicted to pinterest. I have made so many things from there. It is so great. It's how I found this site....which I now addicted to alsoHappy

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    I love it! There are so many beautiful ideas that I get from my feeds.

    Please follow and I'll follow back!


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    Have any of you read this


    I'm not sure if they're scare mongering but the article basically says that you can get sued for pinning anything. But i'm sure it's just like anything else on the internet and you need permissions and links back to the original picture. I'm going to go through all my pins later to make sure that they are ok.

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    Sianey, I heard about that. All of my pins are linked back to the original site.

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    Could anyone send me an invite pretty please???




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    Sally D. I can send you an invite Happy Just message me your email address!

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    I didnt get an invite to pinterest, i just signed up to it

    i keep forgetting to pin things that i like

    http://pinterest.com/cannible/ <me

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    I'm a bit of a pinterestaholic - here's where I am http://pinterest.com/woodleydo/