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    How Can You Make a Guys' T-Shirt Look More Feminine Without Cutting or Sewing?

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    I recently bought a Metallica t-shirt and I just LOVE IT!!!!!! I found it in the mens' section of a local thrift shop and its basically just like any men's shirt. Baggy and with a high collar. My band is playing a concert in Montclair soon, and I want to wear it, but make it look more feminine. Is there any way to do so without cutting or sewing? I want to make the collar appear lower to show some clevage and I want to make the shirt tighter to accent my curves. Is this possible. I don't wanna cut or sew cuz I might wanna wear it as a masculine t'shirt some other days.

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    Hi. I was thinking you could put a couple of columns of safety pins down the middle of the back. Thread black lace through them in a corset style.

    You can do the same sort of thing with the sleeves to lift them up under arm.

    Or you could put a piece of ribbon through the sleeve from the neck line and tie it on the shoulder so it gathers up.

    Or try safety pins and ribbons down the side seams.

    Have fun with safty pins and ribbon.

    It's the only thing I can think of to keep your precious Metallica T in one piece. I've got the Justice flag and won't use it for anthing other than a wall hanging. It was a tent identifier at Download ;)

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    You can do lots of cool things to tops just by adding safety pins. I once saw an amazing etsy listing of a shirt where someone had made wings with safety pins on the back. Unfortunately I don't have a link for it

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    Yeah, safety pins are good. You could try a belt, though, if you don't want to poke so many holes in it. .. maybe take a silicone bra strap and attach it to some funky elastic (for the blank side of the shirt). I'm not sure if that'd hold up, tho.
    Personally, I just wrap multiple lengths of chain aroung my waist and/or hips (depending on the shirt and how I want it to hang) That weighs it down, but the shirt might still try to hike up, depending... plus it might stretch out the collar. But it looks so cool with the right pair of shorts, hihg-heeled boots and stockings! Also, I know you said no cutting but I always cut the ribbing off of the collar of my tshirts, right above the stitching. I like the way it looks and the way it fits more.

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    I wish I could be of some help, but I cut and sew every band tshirt that I have.

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    What about tying it into a bun in the back of the shirt so it pulls tight up front? As for the collar, anything you do to try to pull it down some will stretch the fabric and may ruin the collar. I say layer up with some funky necklaces to kind of girlie it up. Another option to girlie the shirt up some is to take one of those plastic belt clips, I believe they were majorly popular in the 80s, and slide a side of the shirt through it to pull it tight some and give it a funky girlie look. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I hope something works out for you. Maybe you should wear the shirt as is and focus on the rest of your outfit to girlie the whole look up. That could work too. Good luck!

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    Remember those elastic dress-back clip things from way back when? Do they still exist?

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    You could turn it inside out and tie a knot with a hairband on one of the sides then turn it back the right way. You'd still need to do something with the sleeved though


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