Hi I'm never sure what to write on these so apologies if this is dull! I have been visiting cut out and keep for about 6 months for inspiration and just to be amazed (and a little jealous) at all the different things all these crafty peeps can create! I've decided to sign up as I've now created versions of many things already- I will upload photos soon!
I currently Sew, Cross stitch, make jewellery and beads, cards and papercraft models.
I am also attempting to learn how to knit and crochet and airbrush nail art.
I love learning new things and have always been quite creative. I've studied and qualified in Make Up Artistry and Hairdressing.
I love quirky things, I'm a complete magpie anything shiny or nice to touch I'm there!
Vintage things- love social history! Victoriana
Pirates and privateers
Tim Burton
Dali and surrealism in general
Gothic architecture
Cats, big cats, bats, dinosaurs, gorillas!
Retro advertising
Games- Mario, Tetris Kirby etc
So pretty much everything!
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