I am a mother, and an educator of at risk students, who, in my spare time, love to indulge my creativity and out of the box- ness. I love anything quirky, mystical, and am intrigued by steampunk. I get bored easily, so I like to make things that are never quite the same. I have been experimenting with hats, bags, upcycled clothing, faery ware, pillows and unusual holiday decor. I made a number of Christmas presents this year, which is new for me. I am having fun, which is the most important thing. If I stop having fun, I will stop doing this. Although, I can't see it, as there is always something new here, and some of the things here inspire my own imagination.

So thank you for the site, and thanks to all the members for their creativity, as it keeps mine hopping, too.

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