I am a stay-at-home mother of a 4-years old boy.
I'm living in a small rural town in the South-Western part of Bulgaria.

I am a master of psychology in childhood but I'm not working as a psychologist, my dream is to be able to earn enough money through my art someday. I'm interested in drawing and painting, both traditional and digital, children books, 3D animation, and anything handmade.

Although I'm too self-conscious to share my own projects (and still not owning a good enough camera to take pics with lol), I'm here to be inspired and celebrate the creativity of all of you awesome people who are kind enough to share your projects with us. Happy


Anna H.
Anna H. · Kassel, Hesse, DE · 243 projects
I'd love to see your version! Happy looking forward to it. ^^ greetings from Germany Happy
Anna H.
Anna H. · Kassel, Hesse, DE · 243 projects
Thanks for your comment on my Samara Happy
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for the add!
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thanks for the add!
Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
Thank you so much for faving my Designer Inspired Jacket ^_^
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i know i have said allready thank you but still it's good to say it even more, so thank you very very much of all your faves and your nice sweet words. it was a real pleasure to read them my fave friend.
hey i have send finely my adress changing card, it costed the mailman at the mail office a lot of work.LOL:
some countries he didn't know to find-S
it looked like we all shopers were at school for learning all the places and towns. LOL
have a good nice fun weekend my sweet friend
love and hugs from a suddenly turned over in autumn utrecht.
and kisses of me;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my dearest fave friend
i must do too much to day so it's not gowing allright, -S
my body don't work alone.LOL
so it's a big fight with myself.LOL
oooow soo kind of you all the fave a dn the sweet comments, i had to laugh of some. and the one of the dutch cathouse thats i think we became really friends.
because you wrote me that you would make a dollhouse of it.
it's a good smart idea.
think i will use it as well one day.LOL
after.... my move and revalidation therapy, if they still wants me to offer me a good deal. i'm not sure anymore about that.
i hope still it will slowing down the damaging inside or the proces will set still but... i dont have many expectiations anymore , it' too late i think for much succes.
i have waited too long for it.-S
sad... but that's always the problem
i had asked for a small suply for my wheels for damaging controle b ut they told me wait till your move, it sounded too familiar. ugh.
all about money-S
that's typical dutch as well.LOL
sooo badly economical savings on everything-S
Gerard comes of a provincie that is much more well known of the economical savings.LOL i always teasing him.
but i must sew one little piece together on the paper curtain and then glue the whole thing on both side and then sew it together the two large hugh pieces and make the connection for the hanging.
and then it's done , i'm totally not today patiencend.LOL
if i was i had send some for you;-D LOL
hey you can buy seccond hand such a old kettle.LOL
on a trift store i think they call it in english. sometimes i don't know how to write proper dutch anymore. of all the english i write the whole day long.LOL
it's bad.LOL
i think i must take a break of this day, my nerve in my left leg is stucked somewhere in my back i have it always on the other side so i'm used to that, but this is new and i hate this strange not familiar pain.
stupid it's just a new of the same.LOL
i must find out how i can sit with two such not fun nerves. LOL
people always telling me i'm sitting wrongly and then i come with a stupid answer.
oooh something funny one day somebody i didn't knew asked me first if i lived alone and i said yes and then she asked more and more.
i didn't wanted to answer anymore so i gave strange funny answers which she didn't liked.LOL she asked what's the matter , why your sitting in a wheelchair, i told her that i had haemorrhoids.LOL
she became furious.LOL and in the end she asked how old i was, then i told her for me it's wellknown but for you a hugh secret.
she told me oooh i'm 67 i told her wooow that nice.LOL
then i drove further.LOL
i didn't liked the way she was asking me those private matters, some times it depends on how people are asking things she did it on the wrong way-S
i know now where she lives she can watch me inside the house so when i closing the curtians i always thinks of her, how dissapointing she must be now.LOL

gerard told me one day jet you don't have to be nice and friendly towards not friendly people , i'll try this out it's not my fave thing.LOL
last time a neighbour which i hate because she is really nosy and horrible she always looks to m e like i'm dirt, i was talking in front of the door of my building and then she came aside and Gerard openend politly the door she didn't say thanks.
only was looking crumpy i hope i'm not becoming like her.!!!
Gerard was very flabergasted about her behaviour so i must tell him next time that he don't have to be nice and kind when the other isn't.LOL
i'll go with Gerard thuesday to haarlem to got me key.
it cost me as well much money -S
i knew that but when i asked how much i had to pay in front i was chocked.LOL
okay my friend till soon. i found more links but i will safe them for later.
give Boromir a hug and for you tons of wet kisses and a big sized hug;-D
oooh and the girls are telling me that they give you headbumbs of them.LOL
it's not the right translation i think i wrote it to PJ and she had to laught of it.
funny such strange creative solutions of translations though?!!!!
have a nice good creative fun week my friend and for later beautiful dreams;-D xoxoxooxoxooxoxooxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my dearest friend
i see suddenly that i wasn't wrong the notification system isn't working well.
i have said thank you for the fave on the mouse project allready some day ago and now they telling me that you have add this yesterday?
sooo i'm less mixed up then i thought.LOL
have send you allready a proper mail with some links hope you enjoy them.
or didn't i?
now i 'm insecure of it.LOL
two computers isn't working.LOL
hey have a nice eve sleep well my friend, lots of my friendliest smiles and hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my sweet fave vip friend
hope your feeling a little better.
i know what you told me on the proper mails so... i think you don't feel to sad;-D
that's good and okay.LOL
thank you for your fave on my tiny pocket wooldand shadow boc and the carkeyring made of meds wraps
and the mouse plushie as well.
wooow that are a lot of faves!!!LOL
thank you again for all your suport, love it, and like it;-D
wish if you have some time much crafting fun with the making of,
and.... i have big news.
Karin will go to the side seeing of my new home to be. i can't still travel and was relieved that Karin and Kai will go to watch the house inside and taken some pictures.and taken some measurings.
then i can start with the curtains.
have found new adresses of movers so... they all must come to visite me in front of their offer.
but... then i' m some steps forwarts.LOL
hey still thinking of you, and wish you have soon some peace and rest to take some breath.
love you much hugs, and the biggest smile of me for you.
and tons of kisses , less for Boromie;-D
jet xxxxxxxxxx
Mousey · Parañaque, Metro Manila, PH · 85 projects
Thank you for the fave :3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my favest faithfull friend;-D
LOl i had to laught when i saw all the faves of yours in a row of one day.
i had received the others you had written a comment on so i loved that day to send you them part by part.LOL
i think it's much more fun to read them an d not in once in one comment.;-D
okay mayby a little bit childish.LOL
but that's my.
Hey i have my pink chairs, not totally fixed allready but i can use it, and not totally satisfied but i think i must left it by here.
it was fun to see the builder again, but he was i think chocked of my ages.LOL
it's always the same when it's a normal man they always be afraid of my age or of my wheels
or they are falling in love and then i don't like it.LOL
okay i want a bf i think.LOL but not living in the same house.LOL
you know why.;-D
i got a note that Gerard will come tomorrow i think he must help me written the letter to fight the wrong driveable door for me.
the worker i had asked had made it not good.-S
she send a mail without the letter in it.LOL
so after sending her a mail for the attachment she did, but i thought oooh i had much more reasons. very dissapointed.
i must vacuum cleaning now because of gerards ill longs and it's for muis and wolfje and me better as well.
you're right about it's a free thing for me, but..... i know when i was living with my first hubby we didn't done that too neither.LOL
in holland men must do more in the housekeeping, i have told you not all the men will do this, but mine did.LOL
and you can tell the family you have a staycation about that to do not or well.
mayby that's a tiny solution as well.LOL
i'm too often the last days in pj's not good for my selfesteme.
after a while i feel about myself less.
so for a couple of days it's great but not for a long periode.
i hope after my moving it will be better.
i think Karin and Gerard will watch this part.LOL
okay i think i will write the proper mail tomorrow, my hands are hurting tooo much.
i have uplouded two tutes it's about the mouse plushie,
my little sis saw the mouse and told me don't give it a dress it's allready too adorable., Glad because i din't like to make the dress anymore.LOL
Gerard told somthing like that as well.
only making the pictures was for this week the fun to do.
thank youf for the big complements.
i have watch the first link and i reconized why you thought of me, LOL
I have still the tree card of you hanging.!!!
i think i will give it a place on the wall in my new house to be too.
And Karin my friend wrote a mail , i have misses the both of them too much.
i haven't see only the builder this week, that's too less people in real live.;-D
hey i must take my meds and some food, and go to my fave comfy cozy couch.LOL
lots of hugs and kisses , strange that we have the whole time the same weather conditions.LOL
only i think it's warmer by you then here, holland is laying more in the north.
i'm used to this allready, it was a very hayfever day-S
don't like t hose days but that hayfever periode is apart of one m onth the whole year i'm tooo allergic for the enviremt , the air is here in utrecht very bad-S
my homeopatic md was glad when i told h er to move to haarlem she told me that 's much better for your longs . I hope so;-D
i'll wait and see.LOL
okay now i must stop really.
must do the same like muis and wolfje they have eaten their food and are sleeping now.
very inspirating.LOL
hey have a nice good eve and sleep well or better and till sooon
many hugs , kisses fun creativity and be crafty, and greetings and love, and... now you may fill it in what you like to have........LOL
love you !!!! xoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi have just read your proper mail, will send you a long one back.LOL
but for now i found out that you had faved more of my projects.
this new system of faves notifications on cok to watch and the comments in the proper mail isn't working for me,-S
sorry when i forget to say thanks or when i overdo it.LOL
so thank you for the fave of yours on my branch beads , the how to make fur, the kitschy tearyearkingheart brooche, , the ckae bunny tower, the shaving cram paper projects as well
awesome and kind of you to give me all your support, sometimes i need that toooooo m uch.
hey till the proper mail real soon , have a good day and eve my fave friend
lots of love hugs and kisses and greetings from a dry cold holland place;-D xxoxooxoxooxoxooxooxox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, lol
thank you very much of the comment and the fave of the envlope paper tape .
it's great your support sometimes i needing it , to stay on cok.
at the moment certainly.
but it's my own problem , when i can't do less during the day because of my body problems i need the suport the most to go on.
but that's my live,-S but sometimes i hate those periodes, because it makes me so insecure about will it restore or will it be the same or less?
i know i don't must think that way and think of the future ....;-D
but stucked to home without less contact with the others outside isn't good for me.
so i hope i will recover soon so i can ride out on the street and after tomorrow with my new pink wheels.LOL
with wheels that are working fine, it will cost me less energy.
oooh later on i thought i'm a look alike of yours because i forgot to add the links i uill send you them in a proper mail.
hey much strenght with the rebuilding of your home and your thoughts of freedom, i hope i have helped you a tiny bit with my answer.
humm muis is sitting next to me begging for more food. its the prednison that makes her hungry.LOL
she has had food allready a hour ago so this is out of proportions.LOL
but i love her much better with more weigth on her body, she is better to cuddle in my arms without breaking her bones.
and did i told you that? she has everywhere for the first time during the spring in the hayfever seison hair on her body, she is so feeling itchy during the heyfever seison that she likes her selfs bold , so she looks now like a normal birmees cat.LOL
Gerard and Karin fidn't see that she is better of weitght but she compaires her with wolfje, wolfje has an other different fur then the birmees cats so she looks by wolfje tiny and very small but she is now more normal then ever.lOL
it's still raining here and grey the trees loving it and the meidows in the public garden out side my flat.
the trees are all covered up with leaves , and now more the spring colour then some days ago with all the dryness of the last month.
love to watch my view.
hey my friend i wish you much fun with your tape paper making, but be warned it can be addicting.LOL
i have now tooo much old envelopes agian.LOL
hey love you have a great creative good rest of the week, say hi to boromir of me and for you all my love and hugs and kisses ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi agian,
wooow such a big sweet compliment, i'm blossing, i can use it i look at the moment very pale of the neck problems.LOL
so thank you for given me a better healthy look.LOL
yeaah i loved it to make this one , it was more work then the first one but it's fun to change comment kitchen scraps in such things.LOL
and to change it of texture by using paint and glue.LOL
perhaps you have some scraps in your kitchen as well, wish you much crafting fun with this project.
hey till the next comment of yours, thank you for your fave as well and for the suport. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fave dearest friend
thank you for the fave and for the sweet great supporting comment on the paperbunny doll.
yessss it's really an old soap bottle.LOL
yeaah it's sooo much fun to make things of only scraps and you can use everything , the soft colours are easy to make without using black paint but only the bright colour paint with a lot of white in it. and you can always dye or paint the fabric as well.
somethimes i use fabric that is only for the kitchen or for underwear.LOL
and it' will be less to throw away or sorting out, only it will take more place during the wrapping.LOL
so much fun and if you have some time jump to the link i have adding on the about text, she is making , the other artist as well awesome funny things.
it's just eye candy.
till the next comment for now, love hugs , fun and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi , wooow we have to tell each other a lot this time.
such a fanmail.LOL
hey thank you for the other faves of the inside out and the other sewing trick.
about the last one it's soooo typical dutch.
it's of saving yarn told my mum.LOL
dutch people are very economical oftenly.LOL but now i hate it when my thread is out the needle so i'm using it much more.
so i'm not suprised that you haven't seen it.
there a lot of dutch jokes of Belgium people thats going about our economical way of living, always must laught of them.
we having them of the Beligium people too but on an other issue.
can't tell you it on here, not sooo polite i think.LOL
i like the belgium people tooo much.
hummm we crafter thinks oftenly tooo dificult i think and not of easily solutions.LOL
so i think that's why you didn't thought of it.
now you will;-D wish you good luck and profite and fun of them both.
hey till soon love you sweetie;-D xxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hummm i forgot to tell you that i hope it's helping you alot.
i have more of those tricks one is an old project on this site of me , just take a look, it's sooo stupid but really smart, learned it from my mum and didn't liked it because it was soooooo typical dutch trick as well.
i was at that time 17 th so' i was not fun of learning those t hings.
hey love you!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi got just your comment, loll you thank ing me and so on.LOL funny.
hope it's a good busy thing , i will be patience.LOL my fave thing to do.~ i'm still learning and excersize that .LOL
hey till soon sweet friend and lots of kisses and hugs and tiny ones for Boromir;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
saw more faves of you, aaaw thank you for all your suport, i'm getting old i think i had to learn so much more new trics my brains is getting to jumpy.LOL
hey tilll soon , love you !!!!!-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, love your new links!!! such a sweet gift, and saw on my better computer that you have faved the cookie friend project.
thank you for your awesome suport.
write to you soon a proper mail. hey have a great awesome nice funny creative weekend.
lots of love , fun and hugs;-D xoxoxooxoxoxoox
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi sweetie, i have just got you're fave on my sewing trick.
thank you very very much of your suport , i didn't thought people would faved it.
have send you a long proper mail , still not on my own work started.LOL
i'm havin gstarting problems.LOL
will speak to you soon
love you xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxo
Jam J.
Jam J. · 6 projects
Thanks for faving my weaven milk carton basket Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thanks for faving my mad hatter headband and my mini lolita parasol Happy
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi!! thank you for the fave on my newspaper skirt, my military skirt AND my uniform shrug!!! i really appreciate that you like them!!!! and, of course, thank you for the friend request, i just accepted it!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my dearest friend, hope you're feeling today much better;-D
Gerard was just yesterday with me and told me when i'm back at Wijk aan Zee to make pictures of the windmills wood that are standing in the sea for you.
and of the clowds .
I told him that you like to see him, sooo i will do that. but that will be in the summertime.
now it's very cold here, still not snowing, but it's freezing outside again.
hey thank you of allllllll your faves, sooo sweet of you!!!
i saw a lot of mail more then 99 mails and thought aaargh i must read this all.
so i was glad when i saw some were from you.
wish you much crafting fun with them all.
I'm sitting on the mail the hwole morning , still tooo many to go-S
i hadn't time two day to read them all.
and then.....
LOL i'm complaining , but i like it , only i 'm still have to do too much.
thats the problem.
hummm i'm writing you again here a long letter.
hey till soon i must take me meds and drink something.
have a great weekend and hope you are getting well soon, much kisses and hugs for easing the flu away and normal ones because you're my dearest friend;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
awesome that i have helped you out.LOL
have almost make an new box, pfff, i have a lot of scarps of old boxes that i had to cut down to make a really fitting box for my work.
lots of work now only a lit to make and then to the other new one;-SD don't know i've i like this any more.
ooooh just let me know what you will
Yes those trips are very expensive but mayby one time and sure you will always welcome, we always find a cheap solution.
my friends have friends with big houses so i can asked them for some help.
i have made plans often, but now i have to safe money for the move. But a trick to do the plans is making a shedule and a stepping plan like a tute, and then you will;-D
Have noticed this too, i work now every time with such a kind of tute,
i have learned this with workshop of people with has less energy , and still do too , when i noticed that i don't have the real guts to try it oout.
LOL not always brafe and tough.LOL
mayby this is helpful for you too.
and helpful is too when you planed it too in a dairy to do the steps.
the last part i have learned from Gerard.
and sometimes he only have to remember this trick to me.
hey lots of X)XX0X0X0X0
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
No that's the trick.LOL
we don't delete on this page anything, i hated that sometimes too.
but ... okay.
when you are busy on here you will , i'm sure they will be in viewing on this, only when you push the button see all.
then they will appear.
but most words are on here nice and kind, (sometimes not but don't feel to hurt of that, )
i try to be nice and kind but sometimes i use the wrong words too and i've please aske me what i tryed to say.
i will do the same, i know we both speak an other langues as our first one.
hey have to go now.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow soooo kind of you to fave sooo much of my projects.;-D
thank you.
hope you will have fun to make your versions.
love the thealight angel still. had made two for myself, but the friend didn't got it still, by her there is more snow and i told her when she hadn't received half januari i will send her one again.;-D
hope you will make the pussycat of your land, i know you have nice great historical dresses ofyour own.;-D
and about the plastic baggy the real one, don't do it in your home with closed windows i did and i got a big heavy asthma attack.
so i have learned my lesson of it.LOL
had to laugh too of it, sooo silly and stupid because i had warned all of you in the tute and then doing it myself again.
hummm i'm not a donkey after all but a human.
we have a line that said a donkey don't bumbed hisself twice on the same rock.
so i'm human. LOL
hey silly joke don't know i've you understand this.
hummm i must take my meds still i'm beginning to be talking to much.LOL
hey lots of love , you will have to read a lot.LOl
hey till alter, lots of love and have a nice day.;-D xxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, my friend. send you a message back and a proper mail and on here, too
Hey i saw that you written an comment to me on here as well.
sorry i din't read it,
i made this m istake in the beginning often too.
not critical meand only to help you , i've you will answer on a comment click on the name of the member that made the comment and you will jump to their personal page on cok.
the other will having a mail in their proper mailbox and will read the comment.
must laught of this because i made the same mistake, sometimes still.LOL
i'm afraid of real snakes , don't know why?
on the art academy in the winter we had to draw too in the zoo.
and it was far to cold to draw outside so my friend and i always got to the reptile house to draw inside because there was the heating on.LOL
but on every friday morning they cleaned the repital spaces and often a window of the space with the animal in it was open .
and often the call us to give the window a push to close it back.
but i didn't dare that.LOL
don't know why, but all thinks that is fake is awesome.
i like to watch them, john my partner had iguana's green ones, very big and i loved them and two africans turtles those big ones.
okay he, much love and hugs and kisses;-D
aluciana · Kostenets, Sofia Province, BG
Hey Jet!

I am sorry I didn't write earlier.
I embarked on a series of artistic projects lately and lost my sense of time. Anyways.

Wow, thank you very much for your so sweet and generous offer to be your guest; I hope I will be able to embrace it soon. During the next spring I plan to visit Paris; this is a dream of mine that I have to make true. Then I will plan on the rest of Europe. Happy

Your long and lovely messages are always such a pleasute to read over and over again, you are such an interesting person, with so rich and creative life! I need to communicate with people like you more often - unfotunatelly my friends here in Bulgaria are not interested in arts or crafts which makes me feel lonely sometimes.

I will continue this message as a personal one..

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Woooow like it that your from Bulgaria, sounds like a warm and lovely country.
funny that we share the love of dolls , i had made a lot before i went to the art academy, after i had finished the academy i didn't make them anymore, but more art ones.
but i was thankfull that i had made a lot of them it has made me more handy with fabric and the sewing machine and finding solutions of my own. and learn a lot to work 3d.
a friend of mine make still those dolls and i adore them, sooooo beautiful and artistic , only i didn't want to say that when i was a student on the academy.LOL
there was a lot of forbidden things of my teachers and not done words as well, i had always a lot of disagreements with them.LOL
and some i won.LOL
Like the idea that you will travel some day trough europe;-D
then you can sleep by me.LOL
then i will live in Haarlem. i will go there next year.
The buildings are ready but the inside of them not, so they must have some time to fix them.LOL
it' s in the middle of the old centre, i love that, I live now in a suburb of Utrecht.
I like that too, there a lot of public gardens here, so i lookoutside to still green trees.
i live in a flat on the fourth floor, with not so fun neighbours above me-S
in the new home to be , i live on the top of the building so i don't have neighbours above me anymore.LOL such a relieve.
i have lifed here for 25 years and had a lot of neighbours above and beneath me but those are the worse i ever had.
so i 'm glad that i can go away.
talking don';t help anymore and an other reason is that i will have there more help and care , it's a completly driveable appartment and buidling and i will live there freely, but i can call on 24 hours basis the whole week for my helping and care hours i have got from the indication organisation. so i can live an more normally life then now.
when i don't want to wake by the clock for my help i don't have to and going out late at night would be a problem as well;-D
like that.
and some other things i like of that. ;-D
Haarlem is a smaller city and more to the seashore, i love the sea and nearby Amsterdam, a lot of my family live in Amsterdam.
i'm born in Amsterdam, i have studied there on the art academy.
but i like to live in Utrecht too. much calmer at that time, and i had an relationship in Utrecht at that time.;-D
hey thanks a lot for a lot of faves of yours (the gitar etui, the flyer
and my paperclip necklace as well. ) like that a lot!!!;-D
hope you will have a lot of fun with the making of, i had with them a lot ;-D
the fun part is always for me finding the solution for a problem or picking out the nice lovely colours i had in my mind.LOL
and the making of of course when it worked.!!!
hey have a lazy sunday afternoon, i was sooo glad this moring when i wake up very late to think it was just a hour earlier.LOL
but i must adjust still to those new wintertime.allways for me a problem, do you have that too?
hey much love, greetings and lots of kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL thank you for the note that you don't have cats.LOL
like the doll house too. My sis would made it of the same box.
i don't know for sure she comlite her idea.
so i like your idea as well.
I love dollhouses too.
when i was student on the art academy we had to give a tour in a museon and i did it of an very old dollhouse in Utrecht.-D
okay they weren't for kids to play but the rich ladys like to make a dollhouse in those days and show them to each other.;-D
i was stunning of how much you can tell of a dollhouse.
I have gave Gerard one of my helping friends the same tour which he liked very well;-D
He told me that a lot of other visitors stayed a little while too in the same room to hear the story too.LOL
He thank you for adding me as your friend and the invite too.
soo sweet of you.
i only was the whole day on internet and still sitting in pj's LOL
it was my last free off day. LOL
when Gerard having a week off i allways do the same. he knows that too.LOL
where do you live? and which other animals you keep in the house.
or not.LOL
My sis has too much animals in the house, Gerard teases her with that. He allways asked me how is Karin her house zoo.LOL
They aren't only of her, but too of her kiddo's.
And besides her own kiddo's she has always kids from others as well that live half in her home too;-D
like that.
okay i see i must eat something and swollow my meal of pills as well.LOL i'm not soooooo healthy like other normal persons.LOL
but there are meds for.LOL
hey just kidding;-D
lots of love and have an ansome eve, and sleep well;-D and lots of hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Aaaaaaw you're sooooo sweet and kind , thank you of your big compliment to me;-D
i've you like we can be friends, but i can't asked you because of my computer problem that i still have, so i've you like you can ask me, or not , think of it;-D
hey have an awersome fun (halloween)weekend, and lots of love and crafting fun;-D xxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again, so sweet of you for faving my cathouse project too;-D
much fun with the making of and i'm sure your cats will love you even more.LOL
hey have again a awesome fun weekend-D xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i Aluciana, thank you very much of the fav on my swinging to the top project, much fun with the making of and have an awesome fun weekend (halloween) as well;-D
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thanks for the fave on my "how to make a bow" !!