I just started studying japanese and it's very difficult but it's fun and I'm looking forward to the day when I can understand it well enough to watch interviews with my favourite bands and understand what they are saying! And be able to read their blogs and tweets... but I have a long way to go...

I play bass although I'm a little lazy with practicing... I currently have an old Yamaha but in the future I'm getting an ESP Forest-STD but an ESP RF-00SL (Reita's custom series) wouldn't make me cry either... (it's geeky I know...)

I love J-Rock (I could name at least 30-50 bands I like...), right now thats where I get my inspiration for the clothes I have started to make. So right now I'm trying to mix Visual/Oshare-kei with a little Lolita and adding corsets to the mix...
I absolutely LOVE corsets!

I have also developed a slight obsession with pink...(saw a live video with X-Japan and there he was... hide... I have loved pink ever since)

I also like piercings and tattoos.

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