Hi! I’m Cassie. I’m a 27 year old brunnette girl with thousands of freckles and pixie ears. I'm always making something - usually have about 15 projects on the go at once actually - completing stuff isn't my strongest point. I blog at http://drummbellina.typepad.com/ - see what I'm up to right now over there Happy

I have two kids; a boy called Jordan(9) and my little girl Jessica(nearly 3).

I’m happiest sewing, writing, reading, taking photographs, thrifting, cutting and sticking or doodling.

I have an etsy shop! I scour all sorts of thrifty places for unloved textiles to recycle. I clean them up, strip them for parts and then use them to make awesome new things – quirky shopping bags, cheerful pillows and other fun stuff too.

I’m inspired by: childhood, fashion + trends, design books, teen magazines, the online indie/D.I.Y/craft community, window shopping in London on a sunny day, pop culture, illustration, entrepeneurs, markets, libraries, bright colouring pens, chick-lit, new notebooks full of blank paper and old notebooks full of kookiness.

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