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Rocky Road

Extract from Rock Art! • By Denise Scicluna • Published by Search Press


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Based on Rocky Road by Search Press
So this turned out to be harder than I was expecting! I had high hopes of painting some really detailed stones but in reality: I cannot control paint. Like at all. So a huge amount of time was spent correcting mistakes and waiting for paint to dry so I could put more paint on! Eventually I managed to make my stones less boring by using the backing from some stickers as stencils, hence the hearts and circles. It wasn't until I'd finished the stones that I went back through the book and saw a tip about using masking tape to mark off lines! ARGH. So in conclusion, the stones in the book are great and clearly made by an amazing painter and if you're not one of those your stones will not be amazing. BUT with a steady hand or practice (and masking tape!) this project could be more fulfilling. It just wasn't my thing!

Posted by Drummbellina Published See Drummbellina's 2 projects » © 2020 Denise Scicluna / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.

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