I have been making stuff out of stuff for as long as i remember!I also read quite a lot.......I love watching cookery shows on TV! I also watch an healthy amount of movies and listen to some good music......I love butter popcorn with extra butter and sour cream seasoning......I am a sucker for anything that is clearly reject material....Like ugly fabrics and ugly clothes(ugly-not the stereotypical liked thing and often rescued by me and given a home!)
Me and my boy have two crazy dogs that are a cross between mountain goats and donkeys! A boxer named Phoenix and an Irish Setter named Xenah!


Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaw what a sweet nice compliment you have given me on my kitschy n ecklace.
Karin my friend whom has got it, don't weare him because she love him tooooo much so she h as hang him on a thing in her livingroom;-D
so sweet of her.
it's fun to make those things just out of scraps.
Sheila wrote me some while ago that s he has given me the title of green crafting queen.LOL
i'm honoured.LOL
it's soo strange to get some mails from cok and the faves not.-S
it's mixing me up, make too many mistakes now-S
and i only can watch them on the other computer-S
okay i t hink i'm getting tiered i must take a break much better for my crumpyness.
i had just made a phonecall and the md i was talking too was asking why i can't travel. aargh
it's making me upset i have written it all down in a letter. so.. and she was asking when are you going to move which i can't answer as well not.-S
humm i think i must work some time longer on my baggies.
i'm drinking fruit juice in baggies of a special brand , because i love the wrapping to much, so after saving a bunch i'm trying to make off them baggies.
i had done some allmost and suddenly the wrapping changed-S
so i had to safe more.LOL
but i thought mayby now i have enough. so i'm sitting behind my sewing machine the whole time, but he must cool down now.LOL
i don't want to blew him of.LOL
i have made all ready some pieces of others.
i'm very glad with them.
i will uploaded them later.
hey my sweet friend , have a nice fun day and i love you, lots of kisses and hugs and fun;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh stupid i jumped on your page to say thank yo u and then i forgot.
so thank you very much of the faves of you on my kitschy necklace and the ordianiry paper clip projects.
wish you for both much crafting fun love it that your back on the site with new project.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh stupid i jumped on your page to say thank yo u and then i forgot.
so thank you very much of the faves of you on my kitschy necklace and the ordianiry paper clip projects.
wish you for both much crafting fun love it that your back on the site with new project.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dear friend
had written allready this morning a comment but i made a mistake and suddenly it was disapeared.
so ... new try.:;LOL
yeaah i reconize the business and the times fly too quickly problems
i 'm having the same so i love it when i read a comment suddenly of my old true and faithfull friends
so thank you i appriciate it very much;-D
its here almost easter, it's in real a christian celebreathing, but not all the people thinks of it that way.
i love to know all those facts because it's helping to understand each others cultures.
so i try to learn more of those things of other religions as well;-D
have made some centerpiece of scraps before they wehere packed all ready of my friend Karin
she said oooh this is just for the easter.LOL i thought nooo it's just for allways.LOL
but i have uploaded it just for know so tell me your opion.;-D
i don't know when i will move , -S and still stucked to home because of my neck problems, I'm trying to get a fitting costume made brace for my neck.
I have a too small long neck for the normal braces and because i don't recover of all the damaging inside i try this.
i hope i can become more mobile ;-D
and i was scarred of Muis she had something strange on her lip and i thought it was cancer, but happely it's something else, serious but not deadly.
sooo relieved, now she must swollow prednison , cats don't have the same problems with those meds like dogs and humans.
i think she is much better feelling allready.
allthought this wensday i thought she would die;-S
but .. she has recouvered, the vet didn't understand it neither.
So ... we will see and wait.
I think s she is hungry again, she is sitting next to me to begging for more food;-D
Hey wish you a great
fun crafty and creative weekend and if you celebreath easter a good celebreathing time as well;-D
and yeaah i will make it in my new house kitschy as well;-D
i'm allready make a lot strange curtains of strange materials.LOL
poor people that will look at it.LOL
hey lots of dutch greetings and kisses and hugs ,and be crafty and creative;-D xxxxxxxx

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my sweet friend
wooow again too long ago;-D
i'm busy with the moving, only i don't know when i will get the new home to be.
first it would be next month and now it's all a big question.
not fine, but i will have more time to sort things out.;-D
hey i'm missing you here !!! perhaps busy too?
how are you doing my friend, hope well;-D
I'm busy to get a costume made brace for my neck so i can go out again, i've been stucked to home for more then a year so i don't like it no more.;-D
today they have made of plaster a model of my neck. I was all wrapped in plastic and then the cast over it. It felt strange, but love the stongness of the plaster on my neck.
scarry when the man had to cut of the plaster of my neck. but i didn't got any cuts in my skin. such a reliefe.LOL
no weeks to wait, that was a little bit disapointing.
in between the wrapping of things i make a lot of projects. strange way of sorting my materials though.LOL
hey hope you're okay and fine, wish you a great nice week and perhaps for you is the new year started as well this week.
so happy new year;-D
much love and kindness and fun of course, and many hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, wooow that's a long time ago.LOL
didn't forget you , but had to do sooo much other things, -S not all were fine.
Glad that you send me a comment, thank you!!!
i have got damaged again during the last day of december my neck so i was only sick of migraine and crumpy because my arms and hands were again more worse , stilll not recovered, i think that will be my new condition but still hoping that the migraine and sight problems will be going less.
have worked hard on the art gift for my organisation, it will be a torch with a flame but in real it's a real lamp.LOL
so i have made a shade in a flame shape and the torch Today i have covered the shade with the webbing that's on this side as project.
it was more work to do it right and neat.LOL
yesterday i thought humm i can glue it directly on the shade, but that wans't working.LOL
so had to hold off and started again.
and have worked on all the pictures of our exhibition called living in the wild, i will use them to cover up the torch and in the colour green of our logo.
have tryed it out by printing them on thin fabric which colour it must be and which one and wich sizes
I was afraid for this next step but next week i must travel two times ,still can't travel so i think i will be sick the whole week -S
so i had to do this today.
so glad that i have done it now , i'm proud of my guts.LOL
have made some pitures for the brother of Jeroen, For them it must be hard this yearly prize because it's in honour of Jeroen and always on his day of diying.
they are great people !!! like their little brother.
love them!!!
so i like to work on this project.
and i must do a lot more on the moving, it's now 4 months !!!
still exhiting but a little bit scared as well.
but it will be awesome and a big improvement.
okay i must stop it's getting late of my begging ladies they wanted their food.LOL
they started hours before allready.
and now it's getting dark and much later, i think i must give them their food ,
they are sooo silents and cute. and good behaving, so i must award them.LOL
hey hope you're doning well tell me , too of your new job!!!
hey much love, greetings and succes , fun hugs and kisses
love you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Thanks for the comments Happy
Zydonia · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 17 projects
Happy New Year!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello again.LOL
try to answer all my mails today.
saw just yet your sweet comment and the fave on my differend paperclip necklace.
they are soo funny to design. i have got more coloured one received from Sheila, so i must think of an other too.;-D
hey much fun with this one.
and have a fun awesome week
lots of XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yes i have noticed that too, but thought i can shange that by using other things , but stilll not worked that out.
but mayby i can make a tute for you of my own papermache recipy, that sooo strange and you can work with it like clay as well.
i have made it my own recipy for my big anymals they are reallyhugs so i had to make it very strong, its working afte many try outs perfectly.
glad that the other site you like so much too.
i always be stunned of it, there is a high quality of designers on that site, a lot of them are dutch artist i have noticed.
some are my fave.LOL
it's now soft the snow that was iced yesterday is gone by t he rain of yesterday.
Yesterday it was my birthday, strange i'm now 55 , its sounds sooo strange.LOL
i was of friday of the storaging soooo tired out that i had asked please give me rest and had a pj day and was oke with it.
got cards and some presents, on my age that isn't the biggest part anymore, love the idea that people thinks of you.
sweet my sis cald twice that day, normallly she forget all the birthdays of everybody so i was proud of her.
she will ocme next week.
then she has vacation of her work ,s he is a teacher.
Muis and Wolfje didn't like the moving of my work, and today they are settling down and become more calm again.
poor sweeties.
oooh that 's soo great all those dogs , my sis had a big one too and a middle size one.
i allways tease her that she must move to a more bigger house only of her big dog.LOL she laught at it too.
her daughter had a bad time and she told her okay then you may choose a dog out of the shelter, and they had puppys of english dogs , and her daughter choosen one of them-S
my sis is very great with dogs so he 's becoming sooo sweet and nice , he loves me too. i'm his next fave person, my sis is his bigest one but when we met each other the first time, he was afraid of my chair , so i started to talk with him and he didn't understand it, i have the same voice like my sis so he thought woooow this is strange it's not really Karin but she sounds like her.
so he lay the whole time next to me wheels on the floor, and not on the couch next to my sis.LOL
he had the biggest part on the couch and my sis has a small place of it.LOL
the other is nice too, she is a girl, she behave like a girl. must always laught of her too.
and there are more animals .Gerard always tease Karin my sis with how is your Zoo at your house.LOL
Everytime they have a hard time there will come an other animal.
so i always try to talk stop don't, but ... i was proud because they had almost got for free such a tiny dog that you can put in your pocket but Karin didn't wanted no more dogs.
hey hope you have a nice lazy sunday afternoon , i'm having it.;-D
and wish you a very awesome week as well
lots of love, fun , hugs and kisses;-D
jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
thanks for faving my robot how-to
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, as promised, here are the links, i had to search i know where i had seen them but then you must finding the right link .LOL
here is the one of the denim, i like that the most sooo inspirational!!

the other of the cold porcelein with the other self made clay:
hope it's helping you.
LOL see you are friends with beads unlimited too, they aren't one member , i thought at first they were, so i send them an message , stupid it's a real shop, like though there necklaces , they are friendly and makes beautys' So like still that they are one here to join the site.
hey hope it will stop soon the rain for you, but mayby that's not okay to wish because the summer times by you can be tooo dry.
we have tooo much water.LOL
but that because my country is laying beneath sealevel/
hey have a nice eve and sleep well, till soon
loge, hugs and xxxxxxx
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
...and my mancala bracelet. Thanks again!
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my medieval jewellery!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
HI , hi i must search for them , i have written it down,so i will send you them today a little later.;-D
oooh you've made allready an uplouding of your sculptures i will jump to them.
she looks very pritty on the thumbnail pict.
Great that you love it there sooo well.
flowers are such a gift of nature sooo pretty and colourfull.
we have in the spring big fields of the s colours of bulbs of tulips like they are a big blanket of patch work.,LOL
we have more flowers then tulips.LOL
i like those typical things for tourist to type the dutch culture, it's not the real things but it's funny that the tourist thinks they are.LOL
like some people think that we all wearing woodenshoes.LOL
happily we don't.LOL
i have tryed them out when i was younger it wasn't nice to weare them.
so i weare normal shoes only they don't go broken of my wheels.
so i have a lot of shoes now and they all very coloured.LOL
i look alike almost of the fancy rich ladys with such a walking closet full of shoes.
no but i think i have tooo many at first i had only 3 pairs of shoes and that was enough.
but when i became a wheelie ,(don't be sorry, i'm used to this, and doing fine;-D) i got more and more.LOL
still busy with wrapping artwork.bleugh some of them must first be cleaned up and i must make all the boxes my self, nothing fitt in the normal box;-S
so i'm tired and have a break to eat and take my meds.
it's again freezing, cold , and the mail office and people are now striking, hope they win, they will losing their jobs, but i don't like the time of the year, yesterday i received my own birthdaypresent and i noticed that i didn't got all the suplies i had asked for so i had called the shop again, but now it don't come in time anymore-S
but then i will have it later,;-D nice as well;_D
still icy snow everywhere, my cats are the whole time sleeping on the central heating.LOL
oooh i love to join them for the rest of the day.LOL
awesome that you can work at your home as well.
but you will missing your flowers and real people i think too.
i do !!!
hey will search for the link and send you them later this day.
hey much fun and love,and lots of kisses.;-D
HollyPolly · Chesterfield, England, GB · 33 projects
Thanks for faving my Fabric Hearts Poster!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow i'm very curious at the moment how the flour sculpture is looking;-D
lol we girls are tough and smart.LOL
like it that you work in that dry flower shop. i love flowers but i'm allergic for them-S so i have now a lot fake ones.LOL
wooow Denim , sounds interesting saw on an other site a contest of reusing the demin in other things, okay a lot of cloths and bags and shoes but too of house desings.
like that a lot.
I've you want i can give you the link for the site to look at it.
the contest is now over, but they have a lot of diy or ideas to resuse projects as well.
i have writen the xmas gifts and now must go out to the postoffice.
to send them.
there is a woman in the shop and every time i come in and she is seeing me she became nervouse because she know that i have often a lot letters for other contries, poor lady.LOL
strange because she is my age and i have to learn to work with a computer as well.LOL
but she has i think a hubby. LOL
yes it's okay to have a sis, but we didn't had a nice good childhood so i became my sis her mother when i was a kiddo.-S
i don't see the others no more, and that 's okay.
i think it can be good to have more sisters or brothers but not always,
my brother did to me and my sis aweful things so i don't want to see him no more. he has now own kiddo's and they are the same horrible persones as their dad,
so be glad when you have great parents i hope you have them.
my mum wasn't able to raise her children, so i was here mum too.
strange though,LOL
now often she is telling how great job she did, and then i try to shut my mouth and cout to ten.LOL
My friend called off to come it was by here very slippery, bu me as well much draft and fog, and snow the last icy parts-D
so it don't goes well with me wheels.LOL
but it's a beaurifull pretty face to see from inside the house.;-D
like icing sucker.
hey much fun today and lots of greetings , love, suces with your sculpture, (by the way i have found an other recipy that is pasteflour too but more like clay i've you want the recipy i can give you the link as well)
hugs and kisses
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw sooo sweet of you to give my helicopter project a fave of yours.
thank you, it was fun to made but i misses him tooo much i had glued the helicopter on the roof on the rememberance closet for John and it's laying in Zeist in the creative therapy room;-D
must wait for when i'm able to travel again.
but i hope soon.
hey much fun with the making of yours
and till sooon.XXOXOXO
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow i see more and more projects of you on here.LOL
you're very enthousiastic on here.LOL
awesome like that. will jump to them later.
oooooh that's a pitty but the movie is fun too.
in Holland there are less movies for me to fit in, but in Amsterdam nearby my sis i sliving there is such a movie that i can sit next in the row like a normal persone .
Like that, and can sit closely near my sis, she is younger but she feels like a twin sister.
love her very much.;-D
In holland most shops are closed on sunday but i like that, it's feeling like a resting day;-D
yes i love colours specially the bright ones.
you can see that too on my work on my website i think less, because i have problems with it, so only old work is there to see.
but my newest is very very funny and bright coloured.
pink yellow blue and so on more kitschy.LOL
And what you see on here , not all the projects because some were for my friends and then i try to use their fave colours.
but after all i have noticed that they like the bright colours of me as well.
i'm an old Hippie , so i have followed a style as well, i think that when you're are young you need to fit in a group , i didn't . but the feeling that i belong with that group in some way was making me happy.
i was at then too myself, Most people wearing at that time other styles, so i was one of the less.
i think i have still something of that over me, can't see it myself but people telling me you're an old hippie.LOL
i didn't fit when i was young in a group and still doens't fit in a group sometimes it feeling lonely but i have learned to coop with that.
but the people that are really friends like that on me.
so... then i'm differend of others , okay.
LOL and not fitting in a group give me a lot of freedom.LOL
i have to day a good day, i 'm working on my cards, i love all those layers so it cost me a lot of time but i'm working on the last part the envelopes and the tags and then the writing of the adresses and then the stamp.
we have always in those days special cheap ones, i love them, i read in the newspaper in the UK they have those as well.
this year of Wallace and Grommit, awesome i love that animation.
i have knitted those dolls.LOL
must do some thing more today but i'm almost sure that my friend don't come tomorrow, not to bad, i love me free time as well.
but we have the same humour so i will miss here.
at first she would go to her twin sis in Germany but of the bad weather much snow she don't go , must wait for better weather.
but now an aunt of her is just died so she will go to her funeral.
i said to her that i was sorry for her, but she told me i'm all right, it's okay i will go to see the family.LOL
we dutch aren't good in grieving and mouring i think you're better.LOL
yes i understand that it 's still hurting, all those animals , i still misses Indi she was a special cat , she died this year.
but i have now wolfje insteade of her, and wolfje is looking like her.
not completly because wolfje isn't always soooo nice and friendly.
to me she must.LOL
but to other cats-S and Wolfje is a big talker, must laught of her all the time, she can really becking for what she wants and she know how to tell me or how she must show me what she wants.
much to clever.
Yes Diana was nice and kind and caring and more freely then the others of the family, i'm sure that she will be still missed.
But i think a lot of persons that aren't famous but were beautiful of themselfs are missed too.
i still misses my partner and Jeroen , they were very special , John wasn't so populair Jeroen was, but in a kind of way they were looking like each other .
Jeroen and 3 friends , i'm one of them had started the organisation disability affairs , we three friends were the members of his board.
last feburari he died , much to young.
we have accomplisthed that we goin on , and on other party were Jeroen was working has given us the prize of the best driveable building of the year, in his name.
i have got the agreement to make the art gift for the yearly prize.
so it's feeling that i make it in honour of Jeroen as well.
the idea is okay it's a statement but funny as well.
but i must still do some other things and then i hope i can work on it very soon.
that's why i started this year so soon at the xmas 'cards';-D
must find a solution still of a problem for the art gift.
i suddenly thought of that. i have thought of it but must still try out the solutions.
think it will be not costing me to long time .
i have filled a litst for an revalidation centre an other one, because the revalidation centre where i life is tooo long of waiting time, and this next year i will m ove to an other city so my gp and i thought it would be better to try there it too.
so,,, hope i will hear soon of them.
hope too that i know what the problem is of the damaging of the last third whiplash, because my recouvering is stoped a long time .
but i'm always fine and glad.
so ... it 's not to bad, but i hope when they can tell me what is wrong i can easely accept it and goin on with my life in steade of f waiting.
Noooo i'm not patience i must always have patience buti have it too less.LOL i have learned m y self to play games in my mind when i must wait to long on my taxi (i'ts not a real commen taxi)
and for help but ... i don't like it.
i always tell my self okay that 's belong to your live so don't be stressed out over it.
so it cost me less problems.
but i hope it will be better.
and i hope they can help me to stabilise my neck. so i can do more.
Today i 'm happy because the snow is melting and i could go out on the street to mail my letters.
so i'm now sure that i will pay the bill of the order in time.
hey see or hear of you soon i think
wish you a great awesome week and much fun.
What for kind of work are you doing?
(must laught of what you do when they dicriminate you., i have differend methodes , when old men are watching me on an ugly kind of way i will do the same with them , like a mirrow.LOL
they hate it.LOLand then they stop.LOL
or i ignore them, or being like you only friendly.
i don't like those people and you're right those people are stupid,
and not interesting at all.;-D
we are, LOL
hey much of love and hugs and kisses
Zydonia · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 17 projects
Thanks for the favs!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hey you're very welcome
that is great too to watch the others and animals. i like to watch people their looks but too of how they walk talk and whatever.
Yeaaah sooo horrible when people does those things, i have those problems as well.
i'm a wheelie, no problem , so you don]t have to be sorry, i'm used to this. that's why i had uploaded the cartoon and the pimped wheels.
my next one will be pink with red . some parts will be black, not so fond of but i have thought i will make a knitting part to on it.
soooo yummy bitschy LOl and girly.
ooooh glad that you are a big talker too.
awesome, some people have problems with me of that.
to bad,
but i have problems too with them.LOL so ...
i have finished today the sewing part, so i can hide away my sewing machine. now i'm stampling the envelopes and coloure them softly and making the tags for on the gifts.
i have one real card that i have bought because my friend told me to buy them and i told her that ih ad made my cards and she told me i don't want him i will not open him.LOL
so i said then i send him to Gerard her hubby and she told me noooway i will keep him away , i'm the boss.
so i told her then i gave him to Gerard myself and she said then he don't hang in the room.LOL
it was because she was caring for me she was very worried the last time, i had got an virus infection in my longs must take my meds still but i can breath almost properly.;-D
so i told her that i loved her about her concerns.
i told Gerard that i will send her a bought card.LOL he loved the joke.
it's here sooooo cold and so much snow-S brrr.
i'm dressed like a eskimo with lots of layers .LOL
strange when on the other side it's now warm ,
hey much fun tell me something of your visite in the zoo like that.
yeaah it's sad when you lost a pet, by me i have lost a lot of pets because they died .
miss some of them still like you you're prince.
LOL yeaah to bad that those boys are become to boring people too.
but i think they misses still their mum. i think when Diana had lived she had helped them to behold their looks.LOL
Yes there are a lot of pretty persons but importend is the inner side of people , not always people are inside beautiful as well-S
makes me sad , sometimes i see very beautiful people but they aren't beautiful but it's their good and kind character that is showeing to the outside. i like that the most.
those innerglowing and then when they dare to be their own they are much handsomer.LOL
i have done that trick by my self.
humm must eat something and must taken my meds. yummie.LOL
hey have an nice eve and till soon.
much love and hugs oooh and sleep well too.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi awsome we're now friends. Yeaaah llike it very much.
have faved a lot of your projects, awesome and sooo funny.
aaaw sooo sad storie of prince philip.
thank you for asking me as your friend.;-D
oooh be warned i'm a big talker, but probebly you have noticed that allready.LOL
but don't be scared i'm not expecting the same of others.;-D so relaxe!!!.LOL
hey hope you will win with your monsters.
i didn't had any so i couldn't give it a try.
hummm i understand now more, i thought prince philips so i thought ooo you live in the UK but now i see you' live in India now i understand it.LOL
and too of your english . awesome sometimes it's strange how thinks of history will be working great later on too.
not at the old times but now you have profite of it.LOL
I think your philip was more handsome then the real one.LOL
we in Holland have prinses too but not handsome , real dutch fellows-S LOL and not populairy at all, they try to do their best but most at the time i must laught of the sillyness of them.LOL
hey we have on here still saturday so you're are a day futher, so i send you lots of fun at the zoo, i have drawn there a lot , when i was a student on the art academy but in the winter it's wasn't fun neigther for the animals-S
soooo cold but i and my friend were very smart we always go to the reptile house there was heating .LOL
we must draw in the zoo every week in the summer it was fun too to look at the other visitors, and i loved the polobears.
sooo lazy in the sun .LOL
hey lots of hugs and kisses and much fun;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow you've uplouded a lot projects, must jump to them.
much fun , like your style of work.
hey i've you like ask me as your friend, i can't still asking people , i must upgreading my computer, still problems though.
but ... i can add fave and comments and sending mails.LOL
hey think of it.
funny the bid cage lamp i'm making one at the moment.
hey have much fun with the kitschy projects, my friend had asked me for a kitschy necklace to make for her birthday, now i must think of how i must make one.LOL
but stil working on my xmas "cards" they arent cards, that the problem i think . i make small gift that stands for my statement for my friends for the new year.
hey have a nice fun grafring weekend.;-D xxx
(i did that too in the beginning to anwser back on my one page.LOL)
Scraphoarder · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 11 projects
Ah yes it is Happy and usually when uv had so much time to make stuff in your hands..... i join work this tuesday Happy so its gonna be tough to be regular with posting after that! Happy u know i love the quaint fantasy and kitschy stuff but iv never tried making stuff-i usually sew and wirework.... but paste flour is a sure go! have a great weekend yourself Happy ;)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
You're very welcome , always excithing when you're new on a site though?!!!
and uplouding your version wooow i like that!!!
hey have a great fun weekend with a lot crafting fun as well;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi i see you're an new member, awesome.
welcome to this site hope you love it here a lot, and have a lot of fun with the craftings on here, and.... finding some friends a well.
hey thank you for all your faves on my ohter animals of paste flour and cheers and the faux luxury or kitsch projects.
wish you a lot of crafting fun with the making of your versions and lot of profite later on as well;-D
have a nice fun rest of the week;-D
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
Thanks for the fave on my bleached t-shirt. And welcome to the site. Happy