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:Dedicated to all the people who sculpt and thereby have inspired me!
Hey fellow crafters! Have you ever wanted to start with an interesting looking mode of crafting but have struggled due to lack of know-how/resources/a sense of feeling that you might not be that good at it?

I present to you my very first ever in any medium at all sculpture and i am proud of her! I went through the salt dough recipes posted here (much thanks!) and i did refer to Jet.H's http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/other-animales-from-flourpaste-to-make , Dust of Enchantment's http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/polymer_clay_sculpture_tutorial , and Jonathan.B's http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/goldilocks .... I love you all! Thanks for being the inspiration for the creation of Marilyn :)

Hope my next one comes out better :D ! This one was done on the go without any plan or drawings at all oh and no wiring whatsoever :( :D And i quite like the cartoony proportion :D OOOOh excited!

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooh she is really pretty, like her ,i'm stunned of that she can standing without using wire inside.
wooow that's awesome , i have a lot of problems when i don't use wire, by baking them they all looks more like a melting down icedoll.LOL
Like the comic figure look after you have painted her,
really awesome at that for your first sculpture.!!!!
thank you for sharing this.lots of XO's;-D
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
You did an awesome job for your first.I rember my first , lol..and it was no where near as good as your..Wonderful cant wait to see more.

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