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Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Hey how are you? lol dont pay attention to me am nuts lol take care.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow i wanted to watch you how you are performing on stage.
Yes performing on stage is exciting and freaking out sometimes. but after all when you're on stage it's often swell and awesome.
specialy when the public will love you;-D
i have the same every time we got on stage like you.
And more because i saw always a lot of people watch at me like hummm don't like to watch a disabled persone . so when i made them smile and started to entertain they always falllen in love with me.LOL
i will think of you and too of your voice. mayby it helps;-D
Yeaah Gerard is fun he loves his new band, it's called retoxcid.LOL
Gerard has worked a long time in a rehabe clinic sooo when you know that it's more funnier.LOL
awww poor you that we have t hat in commen. the migraines-S aaargh.
i'm still hoping that it will ease down after awhile i have still every day migraine but i have those meds so after an hour i can work a ltitle bit so i think i'm a lucky girl.
My arms and hands didn't recover a tiny bit so i try adjust to that, and still hoping that the migraine will becoming less.
but it cost more time, I have stucked to home allready for 11 months, sooo i have a hard time of that.
i'm not such a patience girl.LOL sometimes i'm thinking its a live lesson for me.LOL
but i try every day to work a tiny bit, must made the art gift for our organisation for the yearly prize of the best driveable building.LOL
have done alot but still much todo but it makes the day going much faster and it will distract me of the pain and my worrings.
i have noticed that i have been started to be allergic for the morphine so i can't take it anymore.
soooo lots of pain so i try to do my best to coop with that in other ways but pain makes people running out of energy.-S
sooo, i'm the whole time tooo tired out.-S sooo that i can the whole time only cry.LOL must laught because i didn't have nothing to cry off.
when people only say goodbye i started again.LOL
strange, i know it is because i don't have no more energy.LOL
Gerard asked me how are you do ing so again tears soo he said Jet i can't help you by this, you must call you gp, so i said i know.
and then he said but why are you telling me this the, so i started again to cry to tell him but you asked me so he had to laugh.
me as well.
I have an appointment tomorrow with my gp she will call me, i tink she can't help me but...mayby she can give some advice.
Hey thank you of your sweet comment and your fave on the tiny shawdow box !!
love you!!!
and your complements for the birdie as well.
it helps me those things and complements and faves to go on.
lesser alone .LOL
but don't worry of me i'm taken good care of me, and because i have still 11 months allready i know what to do.
i have learned that warmth helps me with my migraine so all the heating pillows i have made are wrapped around my head.LOL
like i'm wearing a head.LOL
hey wish you much succes and lot's of fun with your performance. i will t hink of you. let me know how it was.
and less problems and get soon better with your stomac problems.
He i don't know if i said happy new year, so happy new year for you.LOL
and have an fun awesome week , all my love, fun , happiness and lots of hughe hugs and kisses;-D
love you Jet!!!
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Dont worry lol I know that are busy. Yourwelcome hope you had a great day on the 31 I had a great day with my family it was fun. Take care.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi thank you very much of your sweet comment and the fave on my gaudian angle doggy , if you have some time left over you must check her website she has sooo much great idea's , there is a variation of bunny on the same way as well.
hey must go now lov eyou much hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey happy new year;-D
best wishes to you and i hope it will be an awesome great fun nice creative crafting new year for you;-D
i'm sick of migraine i have damaged my neck again by Gerard to bumby drivings at the hospital for the MRI scan-S so i can't see properly and have a problem with holding my head straight on my shoulders , it's hurting a lot the migraine and other things too-S
can't do less.
it was a nice day yesterday i have lay down on the couch for my sedating cats.
so they were very sleepy on my belly the whole evening and couldn't be tooo scarry of the firework.
they would only wake when i gave them some yummie food to them.LOL
today i had to play with Wolfje.
still some banging of firework today but not too much.
so after this day it 's over till next year.
must you performe soon? Gerard had has an performance too with his new band but it wasn't a great sucess.LOL i have had those performances too so i know how it felt , poor him.LOL
hey next time i will send you a longer message of me.
i'm now sick must take some meds and lay down to the couch for a while.
don't worry i know what is wrong , i only must wait ad be patiance and hope it will be better soon.
a great next week hope everything is going well with you.;-D
lots of greetings and love and kisses and hugs;-D
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Hey what are you up to? I have not heard from you hope you ok. Take care
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Wow you are pretty far from Puerto Rico so its amazing how we can communicate by pc lol I like your version its so nice I like how the one in the middle gives it color thanks for being my friend.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
don't worry it all comes okay. when i was much younger i wasn't so populair too by others, only when we had to do test on school.LOl
they like to look at my paper for the answers.
i didn't care about that. i didn't fit in, still not, only with people that has the same interest.
like Karin my friend and my wheelie friends,
In the choire i have sometimes too that i have the feeling that some don't like me because i'm sooo differend. but then i'm glad they are sooooo boring , and looks like they are still 70th .
and they are of my age.LOL
but i like to performe on stage and entertain people too when i'm n ot on stage.LOl Not always smart so i have noticed that i must take somebody with me for md appointments.
this weekend i had my birhtday sooo i'm now really 55 years.
strange don't feel like that.
hey i was afraid of other things and always it kept me away of the things i really wanted to do.
so after lots of training of don't think do , that was hard i 'm not longer think too much of it and think what i do is okay and not mayby an other time better.
that's helping me. but sometimes i think i had have been better of when i had thought of it some while.LOL somethings are dangerous for me when people lifted me to high in my chair to come to the stage , so after some scarry moments i knew that musn't h appening again.
so we all learn of our experiens. I had a white hair too on my 18th and i was very proud of it.
i'm still not grey , when i a student of the art academy saw 3 grey hairs on my head on my 33 th she cried oout oooooh jet you become grey, so i told her he, he i'm proud of that , not all have them.LOL
But your hair isn't the point, i have had years ago a card with t he picture of a chileense woman of old age, she was soooo beautifull so ful of spirit but too her coloured clothes as well.
when i had watched her carefully i thought i can be her as well. the day after that i bought very bright yellow shoes, the first colour in my back cloths periode, it helped me and i knew i had too the same look as her.
but you must try it out.
i watch sometimes those programmes of before and after of woman allways disappointmend that the only personal of them is gone after the after.;-S
they all look at the end on each other what the fashion is telling us. soooo sad.
don't know why people do that to them selfs.
When i was a student to become a creative therapist i talk for my final exames with a group of ladies of 50 and there was only one woman in that group that had long hair, and they told us , i was with some other students to don't cut off your hair.
you become to look all like the same , she was right after that interview i saw more short cut heads of that and older ladies.
sad.!!! so when i was 40 i had still a ponytail, i had a persone that helpt me with the household and she told me Jet you are too old for that look, stupid,
so i said too bad for you.LOL i don't change my look for you.LOL
and still glad that i didn't Karin a friend of my age too , have long hair as well, and we are the rare ones with that.
strange though!!!
today Karin helped to clean my livingroom and now i have soooo much space again, we had a lot of fun because i told her woooow i can make easily a whole turn with my wheels so Karin took my by the hand and we danced in my living room
i had to do the pirouettes.LOL
after she was left i was glad and very tired.
but that's tooo of some other things my sis has problems and Wouter a friend of mine too. so i had to spend long times with tallking to them.
but okay they help me always as well, so i'm glad i can help them.
hey i see you have made the cd ornament.
beautiful must jump to it. to watched it closely.
he have a nice eve and an awesome fun week as well
lots of love and hugs and grafting fun and xxxxxxxxxxx
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Hi Happy I dont have the frame posted but you gave me an idea lol even if it doesn't get any favorites cause the pic inside my little girl did it and to me its so pretty and I painted another one that I call it gods eye not everyone understands it but I do lol Hey want to be friends I am from Puerto Rico a little island but so pretty and warm. Take care.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl that will be strange you in fenimine cloths.LOL
i don't like to wear them neigther too.LOL
more in comment.
but love the bow still on him, think by other clothes he will matching as well.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL hi hi,
of couse i have accepting you, like it to be your friend.;-D
i like those avatars , i have weare a long periode too black cloths, sooo don't bother, black can be awesome to weare , it looks tough!!!
now because i think i'm a wheelie , i weare always bright colours then i will have the attention of people and not my wheels.
okay my wheels got still attention too but thats because they are always coloured bright as well.
i see it like other people as wearing shoes, a handy thing and sometimes more a toy .LOL
i have tryed out a lot with them. on the bridges and then freely going down with your arms with then it's feelling like you're flying.LOL
didn't told that to my friend , because he was always worried a lot of my driving in the city.LOL
i had to use of him such a little flag like kiddo's have to use on their bike and they had at that moment only those ones with stupid pictures on it for the little kids-S
but when i was handbiking and a person in a car didn't see me with the flag on my chair too, i thought okay this isn't helping too not so i can leave him at home.LOL
it will happening i think my moving in may.
so i have some time more.
hummm yes i'm very carefull and when i'm not Karin my friend will be more careful she loves my work Gerard as well so they are more careful then i'm
i think because i know how i made them.LOL
i have now a not clean house any more of the wrapping boxes and other material i have to cut and use.-S
but i have done more then i thought i would have done.
but still lot to do .
oooh thank you that you love them .
Karin and Gerard don't understand why i have declared that some projects aren't art work and other well.
but after all mayby the others are art after all, don't know why i had made this point.LOL
mayby i'm having your mums age.LOL
i'm almost 55 years. wooow that sounds old though.LOL
but i'm feeling myself not that ages, and thinking not like i'm that age.
my sis is like me not looking so old too, give a lot of problems
i had call a person and suddenly he asked how old are you and then i told him that i was 40 at the moment and he told me ooooh you're voice looks like a 18 years old person.LOL
and when i didn't could walk sooo well anymore and would like to sit on a chair in the bus or tram often elderly thought that i was 20 so i had to stand up for them-S
told them that i couldn't stand for them and that i was sorry but then they always told me that i was rude, i always thought ooooo i wish i was looking much older and ....
i think that how people looks isn't always how they really are, like your black cloths, i always want to know people much better, because inside it's more importend and i'm totally not afraid of black.LOL
and not of rare and other looks, sooo don't bother of that.
you're a nice sweet person;-D
i'm stucked of my whiplash now 10 months at home so i 'm very very glad with internet as well.
and of cok , i think tooo addicted.LOL but in a nice way.LOL
i think of Haarlem as a new fresh start in my life , i needed that, i will miss some things of here when i live in Haarlem, but i had to break with this part of my live for the next step.
and i need more help and care , i have the hours for them but can't find the right people , so in my new appartment i will live like now freely and on my own but i can call for help or care on 24 hour basis the whole week.
so i will become more a more normal live, so i can like other stand up lately and go in the middle of the night when i wanted to go to bed.LOL
now it's always a problem, always everyday i must set the alarm clock.-S
not always fine.;-D
so there are a lot better things and my house is of the same size soo that fine too.
some things are less but okay you don't can get always what you want.(rolling stones.)LOL
i live then on the top so no more neigbhours above me , the one i have now are not okay, have lot of problems whit them. but talking isn't helping so i'm glad to live on the top floor, only it's a galery appartment so i must hang curtains in front of the windows on one site, never did that.LOL
but for all it is a first time;-D
hey thank you for your nice comment and fine to talk with you.
funny i wrote i just noticed it on time this on my own page.LOL
hey have a nice day, lot's of kisses and hugs and till later;-D
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Thanks for the comments the cds I ade that for my daugther school I wanted something different from the other moms. Its like this one time I had to recycle paper,glass,plastic and aluminum and I came up with this picture frame it had glass and plastic so my daugther painted a picture of the beach and I made palm trees with real leaves and added seashells and everything lol she won I was happy for her hope you make the gucci cut out t-shirt.
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Oh wow its good to know that you like my creations you made me so happy Happy and I loved your cd case clock I been wanting to make one but I need an old clock but now with your idea of the case I think am going to break one up jaja Happy
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Hi again thanks for the fave on Recycle Your Cds Happy
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Thanks for the fave on Gucci Inspired Cut Out T Shirt.
Allison K.
Allison K. · Lititz, Pennsylvania, US · 30 projects
Thanks for faving my Juice Pouch Coin Purse!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello, aaaaw thank you for your friend request, love to be your friend.;-D
LOL and now we're friends.LOL it's funny to be e friends, i'm looking like my cartoon avatar. but it's still strange this internet.;-D
Hey you're welcome about the fave and the comment, i love to think of new possibility's and love jokes.LOL
only the nice and kindly ones.
Don';t like bullies.
funny that when we have the same interests, i love your art history too, i think your's is very importend too.
When i was a art student we had to give each other in art history lessons of the east art history and Africa , i had choosen that time Africa, but loved the other countries as well, sooo myserical .
very interesting, and too of looking how modern artist have used those influences in their art work.
thank you of being so nice to look at my website, and of your big complement.
Yes sometimes long distance isn't working with family members.
but we have now internet when me friend her daughter with her new brand family lived in your country they used skyping and internet daily.
so they hadn't that problem, my mum is almost 85 and is afraid of computers and internet. sooo sadly
because it could have helped her to have more connections with the world, she has broken two months ago i t hink her arm, and she don't go out her house,
strange because she can walk.
but she is complaining a lot so she is getting better.LOL
my mum is always doing this,LOL
love her, but i thnk it's her age as well, i hear the same stories of other friends of my own age.LOL
no i haven't received any post but thank for trying it.
today i must do a lot, yesterday i did to less, only nice things , LOl
my friend didn't came to help me to wrap my art so i thought oooh i will have a day off too.
i will move to an other city Haarlem that's nearby the seashore and Amsterdam.
I 've been born in Amsterdam so it's feeling to go back to my roots.LOL
so all my art work must be stored safely we do this step by step.
Gerard and my friend Karin helps me with that.
it's very slipery lot if fog and still freezing and lot's of icy snow so not fine, so i think we can't move it Friday.
and other houskeeping things to do.juck.LOL
i think that when i have made your cd clock (i will make a version!!!!) will be funny but you give me tooo much credit and honours your's is super cool.!!!!
hey must check lot's of more mails and give them answers sooo
have a nice fun day, and feel free to aske me help or questions of myself.;-D
lot's of love , greetings and hugs with kisses;-D xxxxxxxx
Jodi C.
Jodi C. · Panhandle, Texas, US · 4 projects
You're welcome! It looks awesome~!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again;-D
sooo kind to tell me that you appriciate my welcome and too of your comment on my dutch shoes.
it was fun to paint them.
i know some other persons that have been born in your country as well, then it was called (little bit ashamed of it Nederlansch Indie)
i'm glad that you are again your own boss;-D
but that is my country history, -S
i've you need help or something let me know.
the uploading of many pictures i have learned myself a trick for that.
other wise i became mad.LOL
All the pictures are at first numbert then i write the text and by every step i write the number of the pict.
so i can uploud it more easely.
only copy and saving and uplouding the pictures.
At first i made the text on here, but that wasn't so smart after all, because when the provider got problem i had lost everything too.LOL
Lot of members make in the beginning strange mistakes but don't be shy we know all that we were too new members.;-D
i've you like you can asked me as you friend , think of it,;-D
i can't aske you because i have still computer problems on cok.-S
I like it here too much too, and still got a lot of inspirations of others, glad that i have joint this site.
and i like the atmosphere on here, mostly very kind and helping , or giving new idea's
Let me know any way i've i can help you with something,
wooow strange that you know people here too in Holland.
i have found on here a member that has lived in my envirment a long time , so we were neighbours soooo strange.LOL
love that.
and i think it a good medium to understand each other more and more;-D
hey have a nice fun week with a lof of crafting fun ;-D xxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Kurohanzo, welcome still to this site, hope you like it here a lot (not tooo much like me, i'm addicted to this site.LOL but that's a good addiction.LOL)
finding some inspiration on it and i hope a lot of crafting fun and some friends as well.
wooooow you're living far away.LOL My friend her daughter has lived several years in your country, so i have seen some picts of your country, It's beautiful where you live!!!
Hey thank you a lot of your fave on my cathouse project, much crafting fun with the making of and i know for sure you cats will love you even more.LOL