About me:
30-something. Living in Southern California with my scrappy dog. Lovin' life.

How I started:
Headed to Burning Man August, 2010. Never sewn a thing in my life. Decided to make a hooded cloak; bought a pattern from Simplicity, a dozen giant coffee bags, some thread, and had at it. It survived about 4 years before finally hitting the dumpster due to dog piss scent that wouldn't wash out (damn you, Shoestring!). But it was a phenomenal cloak.

I own a small Brother machine I bought on sale at Walmart several years ago. Sometimes it sits neglected in the closet for a year, sometimes I bring it out and just have to get a project out of my head!

I don't know what I'm doing, but that means I'm not limited by known restrictions! Fun fun fun.


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