Well.. Hi, my name is Kate. People call me Kage, or KageG, or even KG. After Kyle Gass. Anyway, I am a nurse here in Bristol. So I have plenty of free time on my hands (hah!). I spend any free time I do have cooking, eating, sleeping, reading books that I'll never finish, listening to music that's too noise and being crafty of course.

I've just got into knitting. Scarves are my thang, but I make them too long becuase I enjoy the prossess to much. Although I have made a few working hats. Fimo is my first love. However, I resently fell in love with zips (they are not as scary as you'd think), and I've had an affair with cross-stiching.

Other stuff to share... well, I'm pretty sure tea is what keeps the world going round. I'm scared of dogs, both of the small and large verity. I dislike avocados but am devoted to The Simths, Judas Priest, Danzig and Slayer.


Sorry. I havn't posted anything in, what, one, two years (simply no time). But the good ship 'Craft' still sails.

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DrEaMeR · Palermo, Sicilia, IT · 20 projects
hi! I'm very glad you like my version ^__^
Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
here, you asked what buttermilk is...

i'm not sure what buttermilk is. but when i typed it in a translator (babelfish =P), it said "karnemelk"
that's the dutch translation. it's like..when you make butter you make it out of milk, by churning the milk or something, right?
well, after making butter you have 2 things: the butter, and the buttermilk. so there you go-it's the milk left after making butter.
i hope you understand my crazy explanation...
★Lideex18★ · Union City, New Jersey, US
your welcome hun! ^_^<3
Leasoup · 2 projects
Your Peruvian Hat is awesome!! So are your Fimo hearts and everything else you have posted! Thanks for the welcome Happy
hello amoeba.
hello amoeba.
you're adoreable& i love your fimo projects!
M.a.r.i.s.o.l. · Los Angeles, California, US · 15 projects
no problem...thanx for posting.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, we are now friend huraaah! i will send you a mail to tell something of meHappy But at this moment i'm bussy to look for a new cat and i have a performance this evening. So have a little patience with meHappy
love and hug

CO + K User

Oops, bit of a late reaction, but I am glad you came by my profile page. I guess a lot of people have made a heart brooch similar to mine, because it is a popular symbol. I completely adore the coat you wear on your avatar, where did you get it from? I also like the fact your music style quite clashes the way you look.
Scarlet · Stafford, Virginia, US · 46 projects
Heya, sorry I haven't checked my comments in forever!

My origami cow was basically made from a tutorial I googled up...My camera is currently broken, so I can't make a tutorial, but you can probably find one on google (it's made with two sheets of paper - one for the head and one for the body), and then I just drew a face/spots/tail on with a black sharpie and tied the bow and bell on.

Hope that helps =]
spright · Macon, Georgia, US · 15 projects
you have great taste in music ;)
Lena Landmine
Lena Landmine · Hell, Michigan, US
Yep. You're pretty dang adorable.
Mistress Apathy
Mistress Apathy · Clifton, New Jersey, US · 25 projects
Hey thanks for addin me
Yaya · Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, JP · 11 projects
Thank you so much for adding my Felt French Bulldog!
angelichigo · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 21 projects

Thanks for adding my cherry blossom project as fave =)
angelichigo · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 21 projects
Thank you for adding my felt rose ring project as fave =)