Hey the names Elide or L.D.! I'm Cuban and like 2% Chinese and 2% Native American<3 I go to U.C.H.S. :] I'm not really good at doing this but here we go: I'm a real person and i love making some new friends<3 I love all of my friends they all make me happy and i always have a good time with them. I get random at times lol but hey I guess I'm just weird like that :] I love random things as well lol idk. I like burger king and Chinese food :3 I love photography and Fashion is my life. I don't like getting hurt but i still keep strong. I love being around people and going out places I don't like making enemies unless u fuck with me. Get to know me (just ask) I'm not that bad<3 Don't worry I'm not mean i don't bite lol:3 <333 {aim:LideexTSL18}

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thanks for the request!!
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Hey Lideex, thanks for the add!
Take care.
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Thanks for adding me xo