Creative to the core, crafting is what I do to stay sane. I am married to my prince and we have 2 beautiful boys and a baby girl. I love it when the snow falls, when the daffodils bloom and when the leaves turn. I am super thrifty and environmentally obsessed...it actually hurts me to see people throw away perfectly good stuff! I wish more people would try to reuse first, or find a "ReStore". I also think it would be cool if more people did funky styles with their hair. I mean lets face it: hair is art that you wear!

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So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
thank you for faving my newspaper skirt and for friends request!!!! creative to the core, i like that!!!
Lady E.
Lady E. · 4 projects
hey there! thanks for favoring my boo plushie! =D
im still new to the site so everything is so confusing! @_@ lol. anyways, thanks!
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Thanx for the friend invite!
Cat Morley
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Thanks for adding me xo
Janie R.
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Thank you for adding me as a friend- I LOVE your hair!!
Rachel L.
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Thanks for faving my quilt x
SparrowFae · Carthage, Missouri, US · 41 projects
Haha! I am the same way about people throwing perfectly good stuff away, I live in an apartment, and all summer I was snatching good stuff out of the dumpster when people moved out. I got three white plastic stacking drawers(huge ones), a huge Care Bear pillow buddy for my daughter, and several dvds. People are so wasteful! (of course I cleansed every thing before using, lol)