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Ashley Pahl
Michigan, USA
Stationery Designer

Tell us a bit about your home and what you love about it the most?

This is the first home we've ever owned. It's a 1959 ranch, which I love because it has a lot of character. It also reminds me of the house my dad grew up in and my grandpa still owns. It's 3 bedrooms - not too big and not too small - which makes it very cozy. I think what I love most about it is that it's pretty open concept as far as older homes go, and it's all on one floor so I can always see what my little ones are up to.

What was the first DIY project you did to your home or first thing you made for it?

The very first thing I did was paint our bright red dining room a dark grey color. I also hung a very large mirror on the wall. The mirror was a gift that was not my taste: it was painted many crazy colors. I spray-painted it white. That mirror hasn't moved since the month we moved in over 2 years ago. The room feels much calmer now.

Do you have any tips for staying tidy & organised?

I try really hard to have a plan and a checklist, because I'm a list-maker. The problem is that with kids, nothing ever stays on schedule, and some days are messier than others. My new action plan is to keep an on-going list of things to do on a chalkboard; on a smaller chalkboard, I write down just 3 things from that list that I need to get done that day. That's all - just three things that fit each day's schedule. I love the feeling of erasing a task from my to-do list! Of course, I end up filling it back in with a new task, but it still feels good.

If you could tour any celebrities home, who would it be?

Interesting question! I once got a peek into Zooey Deschanel's music studio and it was gorgeous - I would love to see what she did with the rest of her house.

If you had three wishes, what changes would you make to your home?

1. I wish we had two showers. I have a half-bath in my bedroom, and I can already foresee the conflicts over the shower when my daughters reach their teenage years.

2. I would LOVE a mud room. None of our entryways have a really good place to take off dirty or wet shoes, and in Michigan that can be a problem.

3. I would like a better outdoor space. We have a decent yard, but it has no privacy, and I'd love a screened-in porch to keep the mosquitoes away. A bonfire pit would be great back there, too!

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

My #1 craft is paper crafting. It started out as a hobby 6 years ago, and now I have my handmade stationery in stores all over the country! I also love baking, painting, sketching, and I just started to learn calligraphy.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

This was a lot of fun! Thank you so much for having me on Cut Out + Keep!

Ashley Pahl
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What's your favorite...

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Mad Men
Duran Duran
Chicago, IL
The Wedding Singer
Toffee Mag
( Brick and Mortar: The Lansing Art Gallery ) (online: Leah Duncan )
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