Win a vintage t-shirt covered bag from Evozip!

Closes December 8th, 2012
About the contest

We've got two bags covered with vintage t-shirts from Evozip up for grabs in our latest craft contest. Evozip is a "new form of self expression that lets you share your creativity with the world".

For your chance of winning, simple enter any bag or t-shirt project you've made below. You can enter up to three times, so good luck!

Need some inspiration? To see how to make your own bag and skins see the Evozip tutorials on Cut Out and Keep!

Show off your own skins to other fans at the Evozip Facebook page or see some of the t-shirts that have been rescued from thrift stores and converted into Evozip skins.

Bags with vintage t-shirts

Bags with vintage t-shirts

The contest has closed - winners announced soon!


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